She Looked Down at Her Fitbit. When She Saw What It Said, She Called 9-11

She Looked Down at Her Fitbit. When She Saw What It Said, She Called 9-11

Sarah-Jayne McIntosh received a gift for Christmas that may have just saved her life. She got a Fitbit to wear so she could measure her heart rate and calories burned for physical fitness. She was studying while at school when her Fitbit alerted her that her heart rate had just jumped from 84 beats per minute to 210. She called 911 and it was a good thing she did. One of the valves in her heart was misfiring. She could very well have died of a heart attack if she hadn’t been notified by her Fitbit that she was in trouble. They put her on medication for the problem and she is back to normal.


From Independent Journal:

Sarah-Jayne McIntosh was one of the many people who received a Fitbit for Christmas.

While most people use the Fitbit to track the amount of steps they take in a day or how many calories they burn, it also tracks a person’s heart rate.

Sarah credits the wearable fitness device with saving her life.

According to the Metro, Sarah was calmly studying while away at school when her FitBit alerted her that her heart rate jumped from 84 beats per minute to a startling 210.

That little device saved her life. Makes you really consider getting one, doesn’t it? I know my son and one of my daughters have one. Until now, I hadn’t given them much thought. Sarah is a lovely young girl with her whole life ahead of her. Technology gave her a chance to live the rest of that life. She’s only 18. She doesn’t drink, smoke or take any drugs and exercises regularly. Her heart just glitched. Sarah revealed that her family suffers from a history of heart problems. She added: “I had lost a lot of weight to improve my health, and bought the Fitbit to monitor my general health. I feel like everyone should invest in one as you can’t put a price on life.” Sounds like good advice to me.




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