Pushing “Medical Care That May Hasten Death”

The US Constitution isn’t the only centuries-old pillar of tradition that has become outmoded in the Age of Moonbattery Triumphant. Another is the Hippocratic Oath. Swearing to do no harm doesn’t make much sense in a society that regards killing inconvenient children as protecting women’s health. Taxpayer-subsidized NPR swings an axe into the concept that medicine isn’t supposed to hurt people:

NPR’s Richard Knox played up a Pennsylvania judge’s dismissal of a homicide case involving admitted euthanasia as “a sign that attitudes about end-of-life decisions are changing, whatever most statutes say,” in a Wednesday item for the public radio network’s health news blog. Knox euphemistically described the controversial practice, as he asserted that “the [judge’s] decision is the latest in a series of recent developments signaling a reluctance of courts and state legislatures to criminalize medical care that may hasten death.

The correspondent also slanted towards pro-euthanasia groups by including two quotes from a representative of an “advocacy group,” while providing none from pro-life opponents.

To get an idea where NPR et al. will be driving the herd next, look to progressive Belgium:

Belgium, one of the very few countries where euthanasia is legal, is expected to take the unprecedented step this week of abolishing age restrictions on who can ask to be put to death – extending the right to children for the first time.

The legislation appears to have wide support in the largely liberal country. But it has also aroused intense opposition from foes – including a list of pediatricians – and everyday people who have staged noisy street protests, fearing that vulnerable children will be talked into making a final, irreversible choice.

Life under liberals means you will have no right to live if it requires defending yourself with a firearm, but you will have a right to die if it helps the government-run healthcare system save money.

What makes the progressive enthusiasm for euthanasia chilling is that all things liberal are built on a single foundation: government coercion. Combining euthanasia with coercion is reminiscent of the statist utopia that prevailed in Germany during the 1930s.


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