So, What’s The Liberal Answer To The Massive Shortage Of Doctors Obamacare Would Cause?

Barack Obama has never even attempted to make an honest case for health care reform. Instead, he’s simply promised everything to everybody. If you believe Obama, you think socialized medicine is going to cover more people, reduce costs, reduce the deficits, and improve the quality of care. In other words, there are no drawbacks whatsoever. It’s all unicorns, rainbows, and everybody looking like the deliriously happy people in beer commercials once health care passes.

Of course, this isn’t realistic for health care. Heck, it’s not realistic for ANYTHING. Everything has pluses and minuses. Yet, you can’t get the advocates of Obamacare to deal with any of these issues in a realistic way.

For example, here’s a key issue: We’re going to be covering more people. Yet, we’re likely to have far less doctors to do it with:

Nearly one-third of all practicing physicians may leave the medical profession if President Obama signs current versions of health-care reform legislation into law, according to a survey published in the latest issue of the New England Journal of Medicine.

The survey, which was conducted by the Medicus Firm, a leading physician search and consulting firm based in Atlanta and Dallas, found that a majority of physicians said health-care reform would cause the quality of American medical care to “deteriorate” and it could be the “final straw” that sends a sizeable number of doctors out of medicine.

More than 29 percent (29.2) percent of the nearly 1,200 doctors who responded to the survey said they would quit the profession or retire early if health reform legislation becomes law.

…The survey shows that many doctors already find their situations difficult:

— 36 percent said that they would not recommend medicine as a profession to others, regardless of whether health-care reform passes;
— another 27 percent would still recommend medicine as a career, but not if the current reform proposal passes.

In total, 63 percent of doctors would not recommend the profession after health-care reform passes. Just 12 percent do not recommend becoming a physician now but think they would if current reform proposals pass.

Primary-care physicians, those who work in the critical fields of family and internal medicine, not only feel that they would want to quit but that they might be cast out of medicine. 46.3 percent of those physicians said that they would either want to leave medicine or that they would be “forced out” by the changes to the system.

When you increase the number of people who are covered and dramatically decrease the number of people available to take care of them, something has to give. Doctors are already stretched thin, so it’s not as if they can just pick up the slack for the doctors who quit. Moreover, if “63 percent of doctors would not recommend the profession after health-care reform passes,” where’s the next generation of doctors going to come from when the current generation is screaming, “It’s not worth it!”

This is just one of a number of huge issues that has remained almost completely unaddressed by supporters of Obamacare, who keep swearing up and down that there are no downsides to the program they support, even though everyone with half a brain knows better.

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