Billboard With “Ultimate Insult to Hillary” Jams Traffic

Billboard With “Ultimate Insult to Hillary” Jams Traffic

One of the reasons Hillary Clinton’s political career is such a joke is because she made herself famous as the First Lady whose husband had a very public affair with an intern while she stood by and let him. Considering that, a new billboard that has libs up in arms actually seems pretty fitting.



FOX 32 News Chicago

An online dating service for married people seeking to have affairs has unveiled a new billboard in Chicago featuring Hillary Clinton. Ouch!

The controversial company with the tagline, “Life is Short. Have an Affair,” shows Clinton holding a finger to her lips with the caption: “Harder Choices…lead to”

FOX 32 News interviewed Ashley Madison’s CEO Noel Biderman who said that it was fitting to use Clinton because she is seen as an icon for surviving a marital affair.

“It’s not an easy choice. People, women in particular, don’t come to affairs lightly. They try and explore alternatives within their relationship. For many it’s a last effort before separation,” Biderman said.

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