Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

It’s easy to assume that practically everyone is familiar with the tale of the wolf in sheep’s clothing.:  That legendary children’s tale about a dishonest, self serving individual (the wolf) who intentionally misrepresents himself (wears sheep’s clothing) in order to prey upon the unsuspecting.:  This long told, centuries old story clearly intends to pass a moral on from one generation to the next.

Somewhere along the line however, it appears as though American’s have either forgotten this story, forgotten to tell it to their children, or in some cases, have decided that maybe the big bad wolf isn’t so bad after all.

Rewind back to 2004.:  It’s the Democratic National Convention.:  Slated to give the Keynote speech?: :  One State Senator from Illinois.

This State Senator waxes eloquently, even poetically, about the greatness of America, the power of the American dream, and the devotion of his parents and grandparents to the great, powerful dream that is America.

What he forgets to mention is that his mother attended a radical, communist-leaning church known as “the little red church on the hill”, attended a radical, communist-leaning high school which had a communist school board chairman and several communist teachers on staff where she was taught the Communist Manifesto.

What he also forgets to mention is that in Kenya,:  as part of a “development plan”, his father championed communal ownership through forced confiscation of privately owned land,:  advocated the nationalization of foreign owned companies, and promoted dramatically increasing taxes on “the rich” up to 100%.

Oh, and he also somehow forgets to mention that his grandparents and Frank Marshall Davis, the boyhood mentor they hand picked for him, were all members of the Communist Party USA.

Fast forward to 2008.:  The former State Senator, now the junior United States Senator from Illinois, runs a brilliant campaign, where he fools a lot of people into thinking that he’s a centrist and will govern as such.:  He’s a new, improved brand of politician who will unify America and lead us all to the promised land.

Today’s reality is that he’s fractured America.:  Instead of being the advertised great uniter, he’s consistently and repeatedly refused to reach across the aisle, choosing instead to willfully demonize his political opponents, play the race and class warfare cards with mind numbing regularity, and enact huge numbers of policies that are openly hostile to America’s economic bedrock, the private sector free market.

What we have here is a Marxist wolf in populist sheep’s clothing.:  A dishonest, self serving individual who intentionally misrepresents himself in order to prey upon the unsuspecting.

If he fooled you, don’t get mad at yourself, just admit it.:  Admitting the problem is the first step in recovery.


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