Do You Want to Join My Clan?

~CK~CrimsonKill:: Do you want to hear more about my clan? Me and my brother would like you to join. Well actually my brother says if u join he will. We have like 200 members.

John Hawkins:: Sorry..I don’t really play SC much anymore.

~CK~CrimsonKill:: Just listen to me, plz. For every win you get you get 50 points and if you get a certain amount of points you get a good rank and you should just join because it enhances the excitment in a playing. It wouldn’t hurt to give it a shot.

John Hawkins:: Well ya know I have a web page and everything to promote the clan and I could see maybe joining…what is the name of the clan?

~CK~CrimsonKill:: You have nothing to lose its all to gain

John Hawkins:: Hmmm…ya but what is the name of the clan?

~CK~CrimsonKill:: ~CK~ ck= Calibur Knights…is that what you mean?

John Hawkins:: Well we are a fairly well known web page..could u see changing the name of the clan to the Brass Knucklers and maybe making the tag BKW? Like John Hawkins ~BKW~?

~CK~CrimsonKill:: It would be great advertisement on both parts.

John Hawkins:: Ya I agree….so the Brass Knucklers it is? So you would be BKW~Crimson Knight right?

~CK~CrimsonKill:: Umm I doubt that is possible we have had this clan for like a year and a half and we have many allies and well it would be to hard.

John Hawkins:: Well….Can I at least be leader of your clan? I am well known for writing a page and would enjoy leading it.

~CK~CrimsonKill:: I am (President) ~CK~CrimsonKill ….my stats are 111/20 and my race varies depending on type of game and my partners strategy.

John Hawkins:: So I can be leader right? Do we have like pics up anywhere?

~CK~CrimsonKill:: Gosh I might get in trouble but a vice president, I think that would be ok. But my friends have been asking me for a spot like that and well I know you have leadership qualities and you are well known…what do you mean by pics? (We have pics) on our site and stuff not of ppl but like marines and hydras and diablo guys and things like that. I can get you a vice president postion but I just got my president position 11 days ago.

John Hawkins:: Well all the good clans have pics…..As president of the clan I think everyone needs to have their pics on a page….maybe we could like all do 1 shot with a pillow case on our heads as a goof and then maybe do the next pic with it off..that would be funny =]

~CK~CrimsonKill:: Hehe we’d look like the kkk…heheh…I like it but webpages arent my bag..I have been in clan for 3 months. If you show leadership skills and popularity you will be noticed and you will rise fast in rank. I’m in charge of the clan ppl. I’m like their spokesman or the inside man and we have 2 vices that have not been on and the might be demoted for inactivity by me 😀

John Hawkins:: I tell you have been president for 11 days…let me be president for the next 11 days or so….I have been playing a lot of Tetris lately and I think that a clan like ours would be really good at that…anyone who ownz at StarCraft can own at Tetris..maybe we could all try just Tetris for a couple of weeks?

~CK~CrimsonKill:: Lol..I don’t think so, Tetris? lol..You arent just humoring me are you? Or were you serious about Tetris…..hhehe..sorry…and I dont think that would work…the clan would corrupt without me cause I’m like tight with everyone. Brb let me talk see if what im doing is ok (he disapears for 5 minutes and I blather on)

John Hawkins:: Would it be a problem if I like Map hacked a lot? I mean I don’t have to beat people in honest matches do I? I mean I could win a lot of games if I cheated…..hey….I got an idea..fundraiser for the clan….we sell map hacks to the StarCraft community…$5 each….

~CK~CrimsonKill:: I don’t think hacking is cool. You can do your own thing but I like to play to have fun. If hacking is fun suit yourself. Some ppl do it in the clan. But the choice is yours by maphacking you only cheat yourself. The best win is because you tried hard and have fun that is really winning.

~CK~CrimsonKill:(After a short 2 minute pause by me) I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings. That picture thing probably wouldn’t work because of the fact it would make the site lag like hell and ppl dont have a scanner well some don’t.

John Hawkins:: I will get over’s ok……so it’s a maybe on the hacking…a definite on me being vice president….changing the name of the clan to the Brass Knucklers works fine…putting up the pics is good but you want pig masks on eveybody…tetris for a week is out but would you guys feel ok with changing over to something kind of newer and hipper game like Oregon Trail or Wolfenstein?

~CK~CrimsonKill:: We will not change our tags….sorry but if we did it would be you alone…lol…oregon trail……pig masks…ehehhe…No it’s funny…but it would kind of give our enemies some good ammo and well I don’t know about you I wouldn’t want to be called like the piglet knight(S).

John Hawkins:: That game is making a comeback. You don’t like pig masks? I think a lot of people would join because of that…maybe something else? OJ masks maybe?

~CK~CrimsonKill:: It’s because they changed it from a banker you can be a hippy….

John Hawkins:: A banker and a hippy? I don’t get it? I thought u were trying to recruit me for your clan? I got a web page man…I can help guys…but I’m no 60’s hippy and I won’t like take any drugs or listen to Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band or whatever you guys are into…

~CK~CrimsonKill:: No it’s funny…It was a joke

John Hawkins:: Oh I’m sorry….I don’t get jokes well =(

~CK~CrimsonKill:: Ok well on Oregon Trail you get to choose a job a banker is one of them….We play Diablo and some other games.

John Hawkins:: I think they are coming out with a new version of that…Did you know StarCraft uses a modified version of the Oregon Trail engine? Doom might be good if not for all the satanic imagery and nude women on the secret levels. Anyway…so I can be VP?

~CK~CrimsonKill:: I do want you to join the clan but I think I know what is best for it and pig masks changing to Oregon Trail…that stuff is funny but we are a gaming clan not a comedy one.

John Hawkins:: VP is in?

~CK~CrimsonKill:: Yeah its in the bag…I can do it

John Hawkins:: As VP…..would I automatically become president if you died?

~CK~CrimsonKill:: Well yeah but u’d need to b active.

John Hawkins:: Ok…it’s a done deal assuming the salary is high enough….The page will be going down this weekend and I will be putting everything back next week..this will be going up on there =]

~CK~CrimsonKill:: Yeah…say some good stuff about hte clan so we get bigger. Because more members means more ppl to lead… mo ppl to lead mo leaders……but dont tell anyone about the vp spot until I talk with Tigerwolf….he won’t or shouldn’t have a problem….he is my closest president friend and so I could get him to say yes so he can back me up if ppl get mad.

~CK~CrimsonKill:: Ok what is your name gonna be?

John Hawkins:: President John Hawkins~BKW~King of the Chobos

~CK~CrimsonKill:: Do something like ~CK~John Hawkins

John Hawkins:: The tags are a deal breaker type of thing for me…I really need you guys to change the name of the clan for me…..Are you sure you guys can’t do that?

~CK~CrimsonKill:: Sorry but yeah we cant 🙁 or we would just be giving you the members and letting you take something we worked hard to achieve…

~CK~CrimsonKill:: Plz for me *unbottons top 2 buttons on shirt* “is it hot in here?”

John Hawkins:: Was that like something going to one of your male clan members or….cuz if it is I don’t know if that is my kind of clan =(

~CK~CrimsonKill:: Heh i was j/k

~CK~CrimsonKill:: My brother says you are just screwing with us

John Hawkins:: WHAT? That’s just foofernacle and jabberjoofie……Consider this…what if i was president..we changed the name of the rid of all the old leadership….wouldn’t that help the clan reach the top? I think the old leadership is holding us back

~CK~CrimsonKill:: Hehhehe…no look the chances of the vp spot are slimming…1 sec my head president is on

John Hawkins:: So won’t it be weird having me as the only guy in an all girl clan?

~CK~CrimsonKill:: I didnt know you were funny: (his brother Dath has clued him in at this point).

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