Want To See The Hateful Messages Liberals Sent To The Right Wing News Facebook Page In Just The Last Week? (UNCENSORED)

The: Right Wing News Facebook page: is thriving. It has more than 500,000 likes, gets hundreds and sometimes tens of thousands of comments on posts and we racked up more than a million likes on a Facebook image in less than 24 hours.

However, as you’d expect, the page regularly receives Facebook messages from rabid liberals who are outraged that alternate opinions are allowed to exist.

Here are JUST SOME of the Facebook messages I’ve gotten in just the last week. (PS: These emails are completely uncensored, so don’t say you weren’t warned).


* “Omg, this is such a fucktard site…, do u get all of your angry white boy hate news direct from fox & the blaze, or do u actually search for this shit??? Poor angry white guy…, but I’m just guessing”

* “I feel that your content is racist and offensive. I tried blocking you but my friends liked some of your stuff so I keep seeing it. Please in the consideration of others take the page down.”

* “Your news is always skewed and bias… FUCK YOUR NEWS AND YOUR BIASED OPINIONS…”

* “Your a bunch of idiots. Its your actions that keep things SCREWED up in the USA. WHY DON’T YOU ALL FIND A LITTLE ROOM AN GO THERE AND BORE EACH OTHER TO DEATH.”

* “Fuck the right wing”

* “You are NOT NEWS!! From the last thing you did. You are now rated as a hate group”

* “U fucking lying peace o’s shit”

* “You are a bunch of racist, bigoted, uneducated, morons”

* “Homophobic, Obama-Hating Douchebags…”

* “Fuck you for poisoning American minds.”

* “How about a million hits and you shut the fuck up?”

* “More like white wing nuts, fucking racist”

* “You conservatives are the most intolerant people. We allow you to be judgmental assholes so let people lead ther lives as they wish.”

* “Your a hypocritical faggot who post Shit that has no backing but by the other crazy right winged idiots. More so you are a biggot if our President was white you would be sucking his dick and saying he is doing no wrong.”

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Want To See The Hateful Messages Liberals Sent To The Right Wing News Facebook Page? (Content Warning)

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