Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Announces He Will Give Illegal Aliens City Jobs and Internships

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Announces He Will Give Illegal Aliens City Jobs and Internships

Liberals love to bemoan all of the hardships that illegal immigrants face, conveniently leaving out the reason why: they’re criminals who broke the law and illegally entered this country. But no worries — Obama’s favorite corrupt politician, Rahm Emanuel, is here to offer them jobs and internships because of their criminal behavior.


In a recent proclamation, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced that he intends to give city jobs and internships to so-called “DREAMers,” youngsters in the country illegally.

In the announcement, Emanuel proudly stated that “for the first time” Chicago is “opening up nearly 23,000 City-funded internship, volunteer, and job opportunities for undocumented students, or ‘DREAMers.’”

“DREAMers and DACA recipients are assets that we need to nurture and develop like precious natural resources for the benefit of the entire community,” Congressman Luis V. Gutiérrez (D-IL) says in the announcement. “They are an integral part of Chicago’s workforce of tomorrow. Once again, the City of Chicago and Mayor Rahm Emanuel are leading the way on the inclusion of our immigrant communities.”

The announcement goes on to lament the “barriers” that illegal alien teens find to gaining city jobs:

In December 2012, the Chicago New Americans Plan highlighted barriers that DREAMer students faced, including language barriers and information gaps about the opportunities available to them. These impediments have in the past served as an obstacle for these students and their families, in some cases preventing them from accessing critical enrichment programs.

Because why not reward criminal behavior with benefits and opportunities not given to American citizens or immigrants who came here legally? It’s clearly a great idea to give illegal immigrants incentives to not only go to Chicago, but to continue to enter the United States illegally — far from being sent to jail, they’ll be given tons of free handouts instead. Sounds like a pretty good deal.

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