Only In Obama’s America: Illegal Alien Who Talked About Eating White People Is Now A Lawyer

Only In Obama’s America: Illegal Alien Who Talked About Eating White People Is Now A Lawyer

Partially responsible for the immigration invasion, this illegal alien has officially become a lawyer in America.

prerna lal illegal alien

Prerna Lal, a radical leftist and self-described “Undocumented, Unafraid, Unapologetic, Queer, Unashamed” illegal immigrant who once talked about killing, roasting and eating “white invaders” bragged on her Twitter account that she’s now officially an attorney here in the United States.

There is some serious secret backdoor handshakes and string pulling happening. For one, I’d like to know how she was allowed to register for the BAR exam. I assume she passed the exam, but has she been officially sworn in? If so, I’d like to know how her radical background of disgusting hatred and illegal alien status didn’t prevent her from acquiring the last step in becoming an official sworn in attorney. If she had strings pulled for that, and she’s illegal, then the picture below describes my mental state right now.

triple facepalm

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