Rick Perry Issues Powerful Statement About Mother of Murdered Border Patrol Agent (Video)

A real leader takes action when their country’s borders are being invaded by illegal immigrants, bringing crime sprees and disease with them — unfortunately, the border crisis was engineered by our so-called leader, Barack Obama, and he’s ignored the fallout. Texas Governor Rick Perry, however, has stepped up and showed how a true leader acts in a powerful message to the mother of a slain Border Patrol agent.


Few incidents have encapsulated the crisis of illegal immigration better than the brutal murder of Border Patrol Agent Javier Vega, Jr. at the hands of two illegal aliens who had already been deported and then allowed to re-enter the country multiple times.

The story captures so many of the key elements of the crisis: the bravery of the off-duty agent doing his duty to protect the lives of himself and his family, the tragedy of his death in front of his entire family, and the outrage at the Obama administration for its failure to secure the border that allowed the repeat offenders to criminally enter the country yet again to commit the crime.

I’m going to continue to do my job. I’m going to continue to deal with the big, important issues that are important to the people of the state of Texas and for that matter this country. We have a border that it is not secure because of what the federal government has failed to do.

Yesterday I talked to the mother of the border patrol agent who was gunned down in cold blood in front of his family by an individual who has come across this border multiple times, a criminal alien. That mother expects me to do the job and keep the citizens of this state safe, and that is what I am going to do from today until I leave office in January of 2015.

Barack Obama engineered this crisis, and he’s nowhere to be found when a Border Patrol agent died because of it. The federal government have totally and completely failed the people of Texas, and so far, the only thing standing between Texas and a complete breakdown is Rick Perry.

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