NY Democrat Assemblywoman forced to resign after revelation of marriage fraud

NY Democrat Assemblywoman forced to resign after revelation of marriage fraud

Assemblywoman Gabriela Rosa (D-NY): plead guilty to marriage fraud in New York federal court. The reason she lied? To obtain: US citizenship. According to the NY Post:


A Washington Heights assemblywoman was forced to resign Friday as she pleaded guilty in Manhattan federal court to a sham marriage that paved the way for her to become a US citizen – and the first Dominican woman elected to a legislative office in New York.

Her head hanging in shame, Gabriela Rosa, 47, elected in 2012, admitted to filing bogus documents with the federal government in which she lied about her first marriage to obtain citizenship.

Despite resigning as: Assemblywoman and admitting to fraud – which included paying her phony husband $8,000 to marry her – the feds have concluded that Rosa is a US citizen and will thus NOT: be deported back to the Dominican Republic.

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