Homeless Man Approaches Beautiful Woman Who was Stranded – She’ll Never Be the Same

Homeless Man Approaches Beautiful Woman Who was Stranded – She’ll Never Be the Same

Most people avoid the homeless as much as they possibly can, including a girl who got stranded after drinking with her friends. When this homeless man came to the rescue, it changed how she viewed the world forever.

nicole sedgebeer

After a night of drinking with friends, Nicole Sedgebeer found herself abandoned and alone after missing her train back home by mere seconds. With no place to go and another train not departing until the following morning, the she began sobbing, until she got a tap on her shoulder. A homeless man had approached her with a question that turned into far more than she expected, and now she’ll never be the same.

Nicole doesn’t venture to the city too often as to avoid dangerous situations and possible run-ins with shady people. However, she threw caution to the wind this particular night, to enjoy a good time with her friends. She was quickly regretting that decision when it was time to go home. She missed her only way out of London and was now alone with a homeless man who she tried to avoid eye contact with.

The homeless man, who identified himself only by his first name, Mark, asked the 21-year-old woman if everything was okay. She explained the situation that she was in, adding that she had no place to sleep now, when Mark asked her to come with him. Informing her that it was too dangerous for her to be in this area alone, he said he would walk with her to a nearby all-night café. He said that she could stay there until morning and that he would be back at 5 a.m. to escort her to her train.

She took the man up on his offer, even shocking herself as she followed a homeless guy to a coffee shop. He made sure she got a warm drink and found a comfortable place to sit, before leaving her there, reminding her that he’d be back the following morning. Doubting that he would actually return, Nicole thanked Mark for his help, then told him goodbye.

Right on time as promised, Mark was there to take her back to the train station, even after having to take a bus to get to her at the coffee shop. She was shocked that he had actually followed through, protecting her every step of the way. She couldn’t help but ask him why he would do all of this for a stranger. Mark’s response touched her, when he answered that “it was a father’s duty to get another man’s daughter home safe,” Nicole wrote on Facebook after the incredible incident.

The young woman explained in the post that a scenario that could have ended horribly, even tragically, didn’t. It was all because of a homeless man, even though vagrants were who she was afraid of that night. “This man who I probably would have avoided eye contact with if he asked for spare change, completely changed such a negative event into the most eye-opening event in my life,” she said. “Mark, you are one special man.”

People don’t view homeless people as real people — they just see them as drains on society who beg for money and take up space. But these are people just like you and me, who have families that love them, who have feelings and thoughts and should be treated with respect, just like anyone else.

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