Obama Gives Account On Iran Incident, But There’s 1 Detail Only A MORON Would Believe

Obama Gives Account On Iran Incident, But There’s 1 Detail Only A MORON Would Believe

I have viewed the whole incident where Iran took our sailors as hostages and then released them as suspicious from the beginning. Obama and CENTCOM have now released an account of the incident which leaves more questions unanswered than not. Americans are just not this dumb. They are claiming that the two command boats were traveling from Kuwait to Bahrain and accidentally drifted into Iranian waters because of engine trouble. One boat’s engine broke down and the other stopped to assess the situation. Tell me, why didn’t the second boat tow them out of those waters? How could they not know where they were with the sophisticated GPS equipment they had? I’m not buying it.

Iran Hostages

From Mad World News:

President Barack Obama has most recently come forward with his official account on the incident that recently played out with Iran. Unfortunately for him, it seems that there’s at least one detail that you’d have to be an idiot to believe – and Americans aren’t buying it.

The official release was made by the United States Central Command (CENTCOM), explaining that two American Riverine Command Boats – making their way from Kuwait to Bahrain – accidentally made their way into Iranian waters on account of “engine trouble.” According to the report, one of the ship’s engines broke down, and the other stopped along with it to assess the situation.

“This stop occurred in Iranian territorial waters, although it’s not clear the crew was aware of their exact location,” CENTCOM said in a press release. “While the [U.S. boats] were stopped and the crew was attempting to evaluate the mechanical issue, Iranian boats approached the vessels.”

If the sailors were traveling from Kuwait to Bahrain, they should have simply traveled down the west coast of the Persian Gulf. But they were on the opposite side and there is no way they drifted that far. This makes no sense whatsoever. If the boat was truly broken down, those sailors would have been extra vigilant to make sure they were nowhere near Iranian waters. Iran claims that the boats wandered into Iranian waters due to a “broken navigation system,” ultimately meaning that the engines were operating just fine at the time of their detainment. So, who’s lying here? I’d really like to know the real reason our boats were there and if this was all set up by Obama. That’s right… I went there. As far as we know, this could all be theater meant to make the Iranians look like they were cooperating with us and to put pressure on us to forego sanctions and give their money back. It would by no means be the first time Obama has done something like this. He’s very, very cozy with the Iranians and this whole FUBAR incident was meant to embarrass our military and show Iran’s strength and compassion. It stinks.

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Iran Hostages2

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