Zimbabwe to Supply Iran With Uranium

Now that social justice has replaced neo-colonialism in Zimbabwe, the former Breadbasket of Africa is one of the worst basket cases on the planet, featuring racist oppression, fallow confiscated farms, starvation, and essentially worthless currency. The drawbacks of having a moonbat like Oxford-educated socialist Robert Mugabe in charge don’t end there — the whole world could be affected, as Mugabe steps up to provide Iran with uranium for its nuclear weapons program:

Simbarashe Mumbengegwi, Zimbabwe’s foreign minister, said the sanctions — which prohibit member states from providing Iran with raw materials that it could use to make a nuclear weapon — were unfair and hypocritical.

He said that Zimbabwe, which is also the subject of sanctions over human rights abuses perpetrated by President Robert Mugabe’s supporters, would benefit economically from the agreement.

A leaked intelligence report suggests Iran will be awarded with exclusive access to Zimbabwe’s uranium in return for providing the country with fuel.

Those sanctions work wonders, don’t they? No wonder moonbats prefer them to the credible threat of force.

zimbabwe social justice
Applied social justice in Zimbabwe.

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