Terrorist Arrested in Texas Reveals Disturbing Fact

Terrorist Arrested in Texas Reveals Disturbing Fact

Houston: A Texas terrorist was arrested for assisting ISIS on three counts of terror-related charges. The disturbing part is that he’s lived here since 2009 and originally arrived as a refugee.

Omar Faraj Saeed Al Hardan

On Friday, 24-year-old Omar Faraj Saeed Al Hardan faced a federal judge in Houston for the first time, after he was arrested Wednesday on three terror-related charges of assisting ISIS. He required a translator to communicate.

According to ABC13 News, “Al Hardan is a Palestinian born in Iraq, but has lived among us since November 2, 2009 when he entered the United States as a refugee. He was also granted status as a permanent legal resident around August 22, 2011.

If Hardan has been here for six years, assisting ISIS, plotting terror, then how many more like him are there? And how many more like him does Obama want to accept with this new wave of Syrian refugees expected to enter the USA?

Have you woken up yet?

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