Muslim teen migrant rapes elderly woman, but that’s not the worst part!

Muslim teen migrant rapes elderly woman, but that’s not the worst part!

In a very disturbing crime, a Muslim teen raped a 72 year old woman. He was waiting in a riverbank for someone to walk by and become a rape victim. That’s when he saw 72 year old Christina F. He reached out of the river, asked for help, and then her nightmare began.

muslims are rapists

The Muslim attacker allegedly pulled the victim to the ground and covered her mouth with one hand while he ripped her clothes with the other. According to Pamela Geller, the elderly victim was anally raped by the Muslim teen.  It has been reported that he’s only received 20 months for the heinous crime he committed — less than two years behind bars for the brutal rape of an elderly lady just because he’s a migrant.

Since many extremely radical Muslims believe that rape is the victims fault, then I guess by that logic it’s the 72 year old woman’s fault for helping a boy who looked like he needed help getting out of a river.

The fact that a teenager would rape an elderly woman and barely get any jail because they’re a migrant is beyond the stupidity level of anything I’ve ever seen. A quick two year sentence and the Muslim rapist will likely strike again because they probably didn’t learn much of a lesson and they certainly didn’t serve enough time.

This is what Obama wishes to bring to America.

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