Muslims burn 804 cars and blow up a Christmas tree

Muslims burn 804 cars and blow up a Christmas tree

There was chaos in Belgium on New Years Eve. The city of Brussels cancelled all NYE celebrations in hopes to curb any violent activity from Muslims, but that didn’t help as Muslims burned 804 cars and blew up a Christmas tree. Even Muslim youth took violent action by pushing cars down subway steps and blowing up Christmas trees while shouting ‘Alahhu Akbar.’

muslims burn cars

On top of all that 804 cars burned throughout the city -and throughout the night- in the style of the Paris Muslim riots– causing millions of dollars of damage. No reported injuries or deaths there, but one can assume that was because most Belgians are now cowering in their homes.

I wonder what the total number of car insurance premiums checks cashed amounts to. That must be millions in damages to the automobiles and surrounding areas affected by the smoke and fire.


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