14 Of The Obamas’ Most Decadent Vacations On Your Dime

14 Of The Obamas’ Most Decadent Vacations On Your Dime

Judging by the schedule Barack Obama keeps, being President doesn’t seem like all that tough of a job. You play golf, you shoot hoops, you go on posh vacation after posh vacation and then you give speeches complaining about all the fatcats that are soaking the American people. Of course, living that kind of lifestyle seems a little hypocritical for a man who’s cutting off White House tours for the “little people” while he warns Americans about all those evil rich people who are supposedly looting them blind by keeping their own money. Of course, if anyone knows about looting other people’s money, it would have to be Barack Obama, who is enjoying a lifestyle that even Donald Trump would have trouble affording.

August 2009: The home the Obama family stayed in during their vacation at Martha’s Vineyard, Mass.


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