My 50 Favorite Tweets of 2010

Every month, I put out a list of my favorite tweets from my Johnhawkinsrwn account. Since I think of Twitter as a blog, with a 140 character limit on the size of posts, that seems to work out pretty well.

Here are the best of the best: My fave tweets from 2010.

* I wonder what the consequences are of having such a youth-centric culture when the average lifespan is 78.4 years.

* Getting angry at women for liking men with money is like being angry at dogs for chasing cats. It’s instinct.

* Go forward like death’s on your heels, live in the now like there’s no tomorrow, & only look back to relive your most cherished memories

* Being an anti-Semite is incompatible with Christianity. You can’t love God and hate His chosen people.

* It’s okay for people to take charity as long as they need it and they’re ashamed to have to take it.

* Men can’t even understand what each other do. What makes us think we can truly comprehend why God does all that He does?

* Zombie flicks reveal innate optimism. They all feature 99.9% of people dying, but everyone pictures themselves surviving.

* If you have a moderate level of income & simple taste, you get to a place where there’s not a lot of new stuff you want

* Why do libs always excuse themselves from their criticisms of America? America is rich, childish, racist — but, not you?

* It’s nice to be able to take a walk after dark without having to worry about being eaten by wolves. Thanks civilization!

* The further you regularly get outside of being masculine as a man or feminine as a female, the unhappier you will become

* How to make decisions: Carefully consider the alternatives, make your best decision, don’t reconsider unless new info comes in, don’t look back. Easy.

* I’m pretty sure James Madison would see having your crotch grabbed as a condition of travel as an “unreasonable search.”

* Greed is accusing other people of being greedy because they oppose giving you more of their money to spend.

* The Swift Boat Vets told the truth, the Willie Horton ad wasn’t racist, and Max Cleland’s patriotism wasn’t challenged in his Senate race.

* You can’t have good without naming evil, rights without responsibilities, or decency without limits on behavior.

* Having a good heart can get you in trouble when you’re dealing w/ unstable people. Help if you like, but protect yourself

* I find it oddly comforting that even great & righteous men like David and Solomon sinned & fell short sometimes

* At a certain point, it makes sense to stop trying to be the exception to the rule and just adhere to the d@mn rule.

* I hate to break it to people, but if you are born a man, surgery can only make you into a deformed man, not a woman

* The goal of Republicans in Congress shouldn’t be to get gov’t to work, it should be to get gov’t off of our backs

* If the PC police wouldn’t be outraged by the things you say from the pulpit, you’re not doing your job as a pastor

* The same people who denigrate Christianity at every opportunity often turn around & bemoan the lack of decency in society

* The whole you “paid their debt to society” by going to jail thing is bogus. Jail is punishment. It doesn’t pay anything.

* In America, it’s usually the bully who says he’s a victim, the extremist who cries over extremism, & the bombthrower who demands civility.

* All you have to do to change your mood is change what you’re focused on.

* Christianity is supposed to be challenging, difficult, and cut against the grain of society. If it’s easy, it’s phony.

* Whether you’re on the wielding or receiving end of the ax has a way of changing your perspective.

* Liberal feminism: Devotion to abortion, copying the worst traits of men, & pretending to be outraged by the real world.

* Liberals find a rationale for supporting just about anything that degrades morality, tradition, and American culture.

* Government condemning business is like a tick condemning a dog for not giving it enough blood.

* Accepting that you create most of the problems in your own life is the first step towards real freedom.

* The idea that the middle path between two extremes must be the right one because it’s moderate is smug & lazy thinking

* Poor Roman Polanski. You rape a girl and these conservatives never want to let you forget it – even though you’re famous!

* Odd, but true fact: The farther off a poll is, the more attention it draws. So, the worst polls make the most news.

* Some people lash out so much when they’re angry or afraid that you can’t afford to let yourself feel sympathy for them.

* Ironically, spell checker is, over time, ruining my ability to spell

* I’ve never seen someone who wasn’t patriotic, but who did strike me as a fundamentally good & decent person.

* Dif between men & women: Does anyone think the Old Spice guy worries women like him for his body, not his mind?

* Ad: “My credit was bad, so I never thought I could get a computer AND a TV!” Maybe that shouldn’t be your top priority.

* Why do successful nations fail? Usually because they stopped doing the things that made them successful.

* All you have to do in America to be a “dangerous radical” is tell truths so obvious that a child could see them.

* If you can’t even be fake nice to me for 2 min in person, you really shouldn’t be emailing me pitches for your clients

* We need a charity that ships weaponry to Christians being murdered & persecuted in backwards parts of the world.

* While walking the dog, I saw a cat trying to sneak up on 3 buzzards. Ya gotta admire the moxie.

* Know who tells people they “don’t do drama” right off the bat? People who tend to be involved in a lot of drama.

* The average lib thinks that if we’re nice enough, we can reach an understanding with Ahmadinejad, but Rush Limbaugh can’t be reasoned with

* If 90% of what we worry about never happens, why is being positive less “realistic” than being negative?

* The solution to America’s problems isn’t new government programs, it’s scaling back the power of government.

* I’m always for my own species. I’d side with the living against the dead, people over orcs, and humans against aliens.

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