Transgender Teen Sues to Be in Drag for Driver’s License Picture

At least one group benefits from cultural Marxists reducing America to a freak show. There is no shortage of lawsuits to keep lawyers living well. Even teenagers are getting in on the game:

A gender non-conforming teen is fighting to retake his driver’s license picture with the makeup he says the South Carolina DMV forced him to take off.

Chase Culpepper, 16, who prefers male pronouns, wears girl’s clothing and makeup every day as an outward expression of his inner self, but that freedom was allegedly stifled on March 3 at the DMV in Anderson.

Workers accused him of not looking the way “a boy should” and refused to take his picture while he was wearing makeup, according to the Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund, or TLDEF.

Good thing Chase “prefers male pronouns.” Otherwise media moonbats would have called him “her” throughout, and I would have to keep putting in “[sic]” so readers wouldn’t think they were talking about his mom.

Here’s Chase before they made him take his makeup off:


Looks like one more Democrat vote is sliding down the pipeline.

Chase wiped the makeup from his face and removed the mascara from his eyelashes, posed for the picture and took home his license — but he wasn’t happy.

TLDEF says the DMV stifled the teen boy’s freedom of gender expression, deliberately suppressing the more feminine and androgynous aspects of his personality.

The pain and suffering could be worth $millions.

A victory in the suit would be good news for Juggalos, who would then be legally entitled to wear Insane Clown Posse makeup for their driver’s license pictures. We can’t have anyone deliberately suppressing the more juggalistic aspects of their personalities. As it is, the band is suing the Injustice Department and the FBI just to have its fans declassified as criminal gang members.

Juggalos will be free at last.

The same will apply to the driver’s license pictures of black metal fans, who aren’t really themselves unless they are wearing corpse paint:


Naturally there will be more suits by Muslim women who insist on wearing veils for their ID pictures.

Maybe I’ll have my next driver’s license picture taken with my back to the camera, to indicate opposition to runaway statism. It’s my right to express myself, after all.

On tips from Franco and Wiggins. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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