Banks Received “White Powder” Envelopes In Time For Occupy’s May Day Insanity

Occupy Wall Street is claiming this incident has nothing to do with the Stink Everything Up movement. Nobody is buying that

(CBS News) Police say the white powder contained in several envelopes that were mailed to various bank branches in New York City turned out to be non-toxic.

Police say seven envelopes were sent Monday to several Wells Fargo branches, a JP Morgan Chase branch and an office building. Telephone calls to Wells Fargo and JP Morgan Chase were not immediately returned.

Police say the suspicious envelopes caused evacuations of several bank branches, but no injuries were reported. Police had no suspects.

Representatives at some of the banks involved told CBS News the envelopes contained a note stating “Happy May Day.” The envelopes were sent on the eve of planned May Day protests around the country.

No smart thinking person could possibly not see the connection, and figure that at least one Occupier sent the envelopes. Jim Hoft has a nice little flashback into what we actually saw at the Occupy camps nationwide…you know, all the murders, rapes, vandalism, arrests, child molestation, etc, and let’s not forget the massive destruction of public and private property. And all the feces and jars of urine.

(Bloomberg) “We call upon people to refrain from shopping, walk out of class, take the day off of work and other creative forms of resistance disrupting the status quo,” organizers said in an April 26 e-mail.

So, their plan is to harm the individuals who work by not shopping, blow off their education, not work …. well, what’s the difference?…and become violent. Oh, look, Gateway Pundit points to violence already occurring in San Francisco.

A different CBS News article points out some of the disruptive tactics expected, including

In New York, protesters plan to shut down one or more of the bridges or tunnels into and out of Manhattan as one of many planned activities — and they have yet to announce which they will target, possibly to keep the police from being ready to stop them. (Plans are expected to be announced in Manhattan’s Bryant Park early Monday morning – and it’s worth noting that some Occupiers disagree with the plan for a blockade.)

In Chicago, Occupiers plan to march from Union Park to Federal Plaza; in Seattle, they will rally at a downtown park, and officials are warning of traffic disruptions and possible violence. In Los Angeles, where the focus is on immigrants’ rights, Occupiers plan to have four “Caravans” of protesters “taking over our streets on routes designed to bring to light to societies [sic] ills” that converge in the city’s financial district.

Who gets hurt? The average person.

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