John Kerry Begins His New Job By Doing What He Does Best- Bashing Americans

I am an American. I am proud to be an American. That used to mean something.

I am proud to be an American not because it’s the thing you say; I’m proud because we have a lo history of being, dare-I-say-it, the greatness nation on Earth.

Yet, I realize America is not perfect- otherwise, why would I be doing what I do? I am not naive; I know American history has its share of controversy and, without condoning past mistakes, I accept them as history and am still, nonetheless, damn proud to be an American.

Truth be told, I just wish this love of America and love for her people was something that came naturally to representatives who we have honored with the task of representing us on the world stage. Instead of a defense of apple pie and our generous history of saving much of the world at one time or another, we have been saddled with “leaders” who seem all-too-eager to besmirch this terrific nation. I’ve had it.

Secretary of State John Kerry, who rose to prominence slandering the fine men and women with whom he served in Vietnam by accusing them of heinous barbarism “reminiscent of Gengis Khan,” has now thrown another log onto the fire he started in the early seventies by beginning his tenure as Secretary of State by going around the globe and slamming America.

Kerry started off his “I’m sorry I’m an American Tour” by making sure the fine folks in Britain know that he is “not just” a U.S. citizen; no, he’s a “citizen of the world.” In fact, Kerry felt so strongly, he volunteered us all to be citizens of the world by saying, “And in the end, we are not just — though we are proudly citizens of the United States of America, we are also citizens of the world.”

I certainly wish Great Britain well and I am not opposed to understanding different models of government or different cultures. But in truth, I am not a citizen of the world. I am an American citizen. This is my home and I would appreciate the Secretary of State remembering that his duty is not to “the world;” his duty is to America.

But fine, it’s certainly not the worst thing this slanderous turncoat has uttered. However, he waited until he reached Germany to begin the real disrespect to Americans.

In Germany, Kerry noted,

“In America, you have a right to be stupid, if you want to be, and you have a right to be disconnected to somebody else if you want to be. And we tolerate that — we somehow make it through that.”

Sure, that’s us. We are just ignorant hill-folk who fear anybody who ain’t our kin and fear Thomas Edison’s electric fire. That’s surely what we want our Secretary of State to project to the outside world.

He’s been in office for only days and already he’s starting with a reboot of Obama’s famous apology tour?

What’s truly sad is that while Kerry is pathetically ill-equipped to represent America on anything, he actually won the job by default because he never went around blaming the deaths of four American citizens in a terrorist attack on a YouTube video and free speech.

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