Liberals Like To Say ‘No One Is Coming For Your Guns’ – They Lied. Meet Ralph Gilbertsen…

Liberals Like To Say ‘No One Is Coming For Your Guns’ – They Lied. Meet Ralph Gilbertsen…

This is just wrong on so many levels I don’t know where to start. Ralph Gilbertsen is 74 and lives in Minnesota. He is not violent, served honorably in the military, has no criminal record and has a concealed carry permit. They say he has some ‘mild mental condition’. Who knows what that is. The guy believes in UFOs and Big Foot. They say he is a conspiracy theorist. For thinking the government is too powerful and may be watching him, the police confiscated all his guns without a warrant. How is that constitutional? This guy is not a threat to anyone and this is a very dark path that Minnesota is heading down.


From Mad World News:

Police confiscated all of Ralph Gilbertsen’s handguns, even though the 74-year-old man is not a felon or abuser, and he has never used a gun in self-defense. The reason for the confiscation is Gilbersen’s beliefs which aren’t violent by any means. Liberals like to say no one is coming for your guns, but they are coming for your guns.

Gilbertsen lives in Richfield, Minnesota, and he is a concealed carry permit holder and former Marine Reservist. Gilbertsen passed the in-depth background check required to obtain the permit, and he proudly served his country. He has no criminal record and hasn’t threatened violence toward anyone.

He takes a medication for a mild mental disorder, but it’s nothing to be concerned about. He is not a danger to himself or others, and several medical professionals have repeatedly stated that. Nonetheless, the state of Minnesota decided he can no longer have guns, so they confiscated them.

His neighbors reported him for speaking out against the government. That is not supposed to be a crime. If it is, you’ll have to report most of America. Many people believe in UFOs as well. Does that make them crazy? And if they can get away with this on the grounds of ‘mental instability’, how long till they come for the guns of Christians because we believe in a ‘sky god’? The left says they aren’t coming for our guns, but they are and this is just one instance of an increasing trend here in the US. According to the Star Tribune, “Gilbertsen calls himself a proud patriot and a Christian whose biblical beliefs forbid him from lying or injuring anyone. He said he’s handled guns all his life and knows how to use them properly. His psychiatrist sent a letter to the judge saying that Gilbertsen is compliant with his medications and poses no danger to himself or others.” Even a psychiatrist doesn’t think this guy is nuts… just eccentric. I guess any excuse will do when it comes to gun confiscation.

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