Naming Names: Some Of The Liberals Who Were Overjoyed About The Tucson Shooting

Sadly, there have always been mentally disturbed people who’ve acted out violently. Sometimes it’s against their families, at their jobs, schools, places of employment — and sometimes it’s against famous targets. Most people, when they hear about events of this sort, feel sorrow for the senseless loss of innocent life. We wonder why God allows bad things to happen to good people and we mourn for those affected, their families, and friends. This is how most Americans feel, but it’s not how all Americans feel.

There is a class of people in this country, on the professional Left, who are overjoyed by events like the Tucson shooting. They’re like jackals. Where others see tragedy, they see opportunity. It’s an opportunity to enhance their status, to smear their enemies, and to get their name in the news. These are people whose minds begin to work before the blood dries on the pavement. They wonder how much attention the event will get, how they can spin it, and which of their enemies they can blame. For others it’s a tragedy, but for them, it’s time to shine!

I’m talking about people like Keith Olbermann, Kos, Media Matters, David Brock, James Clyburn, Bernie Sanders, and Clarence Dupnik. These people are shameless human vultures who feed on the misery of events like the Tucscon shooting the same way that buzzards feed on dead flesh.

I put this out there on Twitter and Media Matters and Keith Olbermann responded. First from Olbermann, then from Media Matters,

Keith Olbermann has given the following comment to the Boston Phoenix, in response to John Hawkins’s assertion that Olbermann and others are “happy” and “overjoyed” that Congresswoman Gifford was shot:

Read more:

“Mr. Hawkins’s remark suggests he is mentally disturbed. I’m very sorry for his plight.”

And from Ari Rabin-Havt, executive vice president at David Brock’s Media Matters for America:

“This is yet another example of the overheated rhetoric from the right that has led to the climate we exist in today.”

I guess the truth hurts, huh Olbermann? And let’s face it, Media Matters is an organization that exists for no other reason than character assassination. Were they delighted that someone put a bullet in Gabrielle Giffords head? Judging by the way they behaved, absolutely they were! Media Matters treated this whole event as just another high profile opportunity to smear the same people they smear every day of the week — and that’s all they cared about, not anyone who was hurt or killed by a lunatic.

These people have no shame, no human decency, and they cheerfully exploited the people who were shot for their own ends. The way they behaved in the immediate aftermath of the Tucson shooting was inexcusable and despicable, and I for one am unapologetically calling them out on their inhuman behavior.

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