Politico Wants You To Meet The Unhinged Anti-Palin “Crusaders”

Isn’t it amazing how this supposedly stupid, moronic, lite-weight non-factor of a politician and presidential candidate garners so much press, loathing, and fear? Not just from those on the Left, but some of the wishy washy Republicans?

Mission for anti-Palin movement: Expose her

She is a promiscuous, petty and unintelligent, yet deviously conniving warmonger intent on capturing the Oval Office and, from there, the world.

Those are just some of the opinions about Sarah Palin held by members of a small, but extremely active network of gadflies, bloggers and authors who have devoted much of the last 2 :½ years to proving their case to American voters.

Notice that none of the opinions are truly about her policies, but about her personally. Promiscuous? She’s had 5 children with the same man she has been married to. Petty? These same people love President “I won.” Unintelligent? If so, why do these mostly lefties focus on her so much?

This self-styled anti-Palin movement — whose members span the globe and are mostly, but not exclusively, liberals — has been behind some embarrassing revelations about the former Alaska governor, her family and allies. But some of their leading theories have been thoroughly discredited, and earned them widespread criticism.

Yet that only seems to have hardened a commitment to accomplishing what they profess to be their ultimate goal: the absolute and complete exposure of Palin as a fraud unworthy of a role in American civic life. And now, with Palin edging back into the political spotlight in the face of flagging poll numbers, they believe that they are closer than ever to achieving it.

Sounds more like they are scared of her mostly Conservative policies. Also, this is a form of Clinton’s old “policy of personal destruction” at work, though one that just skips destroying a politician/pundits policy ideas. And the Politico has joined the party

A number of forthcoming books promise to delve deeply into — and, they believe, give mainstream credibility to — some of the more salacious Palin rumors and conspiracy theories that have sprouted in the anti-Palin blogosphere and on supermarket tabloid stands, but have mostly been rejected by the mainstream media.

So, there was a point for the story, and that’s pushing all the anti-Palin books that are coming out. Interesting that there are so many, considering how this woman is supposedly done in national politics. The story then goes on to mention every unhinged Palin conspiracy, for 3 more Internet “pages”. Most are knocked down, but, they are mentioned. Including lots on Trig trutherism, and, yeah, unhinged Excitable Andy (Andrew Sullivan, for those not familiar with that crazy tool). And ends with

“Maybe only looking back on it a year or two years from now, we’ll know what I did or didn’t do,” said (Jesse) Griffin. “And how involved I was in hopefully what is her fate, which, by the way, is going to be bad.”

For an explanation of who Jesse Griffin is, head to Riehl World View. Suffice to say, this anti-Palin nutjobs hate her with a deep, personal passion, and want to destroy her life and family. Such compassionate liberals, eh?

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