Revisionist History of Dan Rather’s Revisionist History

When the progressive establishment gets caught in a lie, it knows just what to do: lie about the lie. Who better to lie about a liar than Dan Blather’s leftist media comrade Robert Redford?

Next up for Redford looks to be playing a very famous real person in the form of Dan Rather. Deadline says that Redford will appear opposite Cate Blanchett in the film adaptation of book “Truth and Duty: The Press, The President, And The Privilege Of Power” by Mary Mapes. The film will be directed by James Vanderbilt, screenwriter on THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN and WHITE HOUSE DOWN and will focus on the 60 Minutes news story surrounding George W. Bush and his dereliction of duty from the National Guard. From the sounds of it, TRUTH AND DUTY will play like a feature film version of THE NEWSROOM. Redford has a track record with political films like ALL THE PRESIDENTS MEN and LIONS FOR LAMBS, so this could be a very intriguing project.

Mary Mapes is of course of the same ideological stripe. She was a CBS News producer who worked with Rather to take down W’s reelection bid with a second-rate smear job employing obviously forged documents. She lost her position in the ensuing attempts at damage control. From a review of her Truth and Duty book:

Mapes takes us inside her thinking – too inside. She tells us that she and “Dan” shared a little acronym “F-E-A,” which summed up their feelings toward outsiders. And what does “F-E-A” stand for? Why, “F— ‘Em All.” That’s what Mapes thinks of the rest of us, and that spirit has obviously guided her during her reportorial career.

No doubt the movie will reveal that the documents were not forged after all, that W really was a scoundrel, that The Dan was merely speaking Truth to Power, etc., etc. The idea is to replace what really happened with lies in people’s minds if not on the official historical record. Too bad they couldn’t get Oliver Stone to direct.

Another book on the same topic, evidently written by Bill Burkett.

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