Washington Post: Hey, You Warmists Are Idiots And Fighting The Wrong Battle

Well, the editorial board doesn’t specifically call the climate astrologers idiots, but, it’s implies it

Environmentalists are fighting the wrong battles

Really, they’ve been fighting the wrong battles for over 20 years. Instead of dealing with real environmental issues and wisely pushing for cost effective alternative energy, they’ve been hysterical and wrapping every real issue under the banner of hotcoldwetdry, er, climate change, attempting to control the weather, while virtually refusing to make anything other than token changes in their own lives. Anyhow

PRESIDENT OBAMA began his second term with a promise to push harder on energy and climate change. The events of the past week remind us that he won’t have to contend just with Republicans and coal-state Democrats determined to oppose reasonable measures to combat global warming. He will also have to sidestep environmentalists demanding that he fight the wrong battles.

Last Friday, the State Department released a new draft analysis of the Keystone XL oil pipeline, opposition to which has become a counterproductive obsession of many in the environmental movement. In its 2,000 pages, the report dismantled the case that nixing the Canadian pipeline must be a priority for anyone concerned about climate change, explaining anew that accepting or rejecting the project won’t make much difference to global emissions, U.S. oil consumption or world oil markets.

The Board points out that no matter what, that tar sand oil is going somewhere. Why not bring it to the United States, and, really, the world demands oil (I’m sensing the WP has an ulterior motive here, considering that they require lots of fossil fuels to do their jobs and deliver their papers).

They also tell the Warmists to not bother going after Obama’s pick to head the Energy Dept, Ernest Moniz, because Moniz supports expansion of nuclear power and natural gas. Warmists should stop have this “knee jerk opposition” to natural gas, which will supposedly reduce “carbon emissions” and can be done safely.

Instead of indulging in distractions, Mr. Obama and his friends in the environmental movement should push for policies that could make a significant difference by cutting demand for carbon-intensive fuels. As we argued Sunday, a carbon tax is a cause that really is worth fighting for.

Of course the WP likes a carbon tax. It most likely wouldn’t affect them. At least not in terms of having to purchase permits. When their own costs start spiking after they realize that the rosy prognostications by the Brookings Institution’s Adele Morris weren’t worth the tree killing paper they were written on, well, they might change their tune. And, darn it all, if there was only something the WP could do in their own lives to reduce their own “carbon emissions”.

But, still, the WP is correct in that Warmists are picking the wrong fight, especially when so many took lots of fossil fueled travel from around the country to attend the D.C. protest the other week.

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