Conscience Of The World Kerry Forgets To Mention What Syria Has To Do With US National Security

Secretary Of State John “Waffles” Kerry offers up an opinion piece at the far left Huffington Post which attempts to make the case to the far left that going all bomby on Syria is the Right Thing To Do, which starts off with a headline taking Obama’s line about it being the world setting the red line

A Yes Vote of Conscience for the World’s Red Line

I’m sometimes asked how, as someone who testified 42 years ago against the Vietnam War in which I had fought, I could testify in favor of action to hold the Assad regime accountable today.

The answer is, I spoke my conscience in 1971 and I’m speaking my conscience now in 2013.

Secretary Hagel and I support limited military action against Syrian regime targets not because we’ve forgotten the lessons and horrors of war — but because we remember them.

Make no mistake: If another Vietnam or another Iraq were on the table in the Situation Room, I wouldn’t be sitting at the witness table before Congress advocating for action.

Right. He’d be for the action before he was against it (for partisan political reasons). Funny how he remembers the horrors of war after 1,400 people were killed, but not another 100K plus.

I spent two years of my life working to stop the war in Vietnam, and made enemies and lost friends because of my decision to speak my mind.

Yes, you spent two years denigrating and slurring your fellow Americans who were serving/served in Vietnam, most of whom were drafted. You complained about Nixon “lying” in 1968, even though he was not yet in office, and even seemed to be blaming him for the 16,000 US deaths that year. You were not a good person, and deserved all the scorn and loss of friends that accompanied your horrible testimony.

As part of that effort, this weekend I will meet with European Foreign Ministers in Vilnius, Lithuania, where I will continue to lay out the evidence we have collected and seek to broaden support for a limited military response to deter the Assad regime from launching another chemical weapons attack.

Whew! If Lithuania joins up, that’s huge!

So what’s at stake here that caused the President to come to the Congress and ask Congress to authorize action?

Those of us who believe in the international order and believe in efforts to ensure that certain international norms against chemical weapons are respected — we have much at stake in this debate.

One would think some sort of rationale would be laid out which would provide reasons beyond the moral, alas, no, other than maybe, possibly, chemical weapons would be used against some other country like “Israel, Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, and Iraq”. Fortunately, Kerry, doesn’t appear to have a problem with bombs and bullets.

And I have no doubt that for anyone who wants to see a diplomatic solution to two of the world’s most pressing proliferation challenges — Iran and North Korea — ask yourselves: Are these two countries more or less likely to plunge ahead with proliferation and provocation if they see Assad’s actions go unanswered? I would argue that we all know the answer to this question: They are more likely to do so.

They are more likely to be emboldened by the waffling, vacillation, and incompetence of Team Obama, along with the notion that they’ll be informed of exactly where, what, and how the US would strike. Also, that Team Obama is unable to build a coalition beyond (maybe) France, and is now down to attempting to get Lithuania to help out.

This is a vote of conscience. And I know that the same reasons that compelled me to join the United States Navy and serve, and the same reasons that compelled me to speak out against the war in which I’d fought, tell me now that the cause of conscience and conviction is the cause for action in Syria.

What of all those Coptic Christians being slaughtered in Egypt? Or those Christians being slaughter in Darfur? Do the people being killed by guns and bombs in Syria count for naught? If this was such an easy decision, more nations would be joining, Team Obama would take it to the United Nations, and Americans would be behind an military action. They all obviously aren’t. This has little to nothing to do with American security or interests.

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