Paratrooper Home from Afghanistan – SHOT DEAD After Talking to a Well-Dressed Woman at ATM

Paratrooper Home from Afghanistan – SHOT DEAD After Talking to a Well-Dressed Woman at ATM

It’s the ultimate tragedy: a soldier survives a deployment to a war zone, only to come home and meet an untimely death. That’s exactly the fate that befell Tyler Lackey, shot and killed when he stopped at an ATM.

tyler lackey

An Army veteran was shot and killed while stopping at an ATM after having dinner with a friend on Friday night.

Tyler Louis Lackey, 24, and his friend stopped near the man’s house in southeast Albuquerque, New Mexico, his aunt said.

Officers responded to the ATM in central New Mexico around 10pm where they found Tyler with one gunshot wound in the parking lot.

Officers aren’t sure what led to the shooting, but witnesses said an altercation between a man and Tyler took place before he was shot dead.

‘We got a call at 9.52pm saying there were two male subjects in the parking lot and they were in a confrontation,’

‘(The caller) heard a loud noise and then one man fell to the ground.’ officer Daren DeAguero told the Albuquerque Journal.

Tyler was dead before paramedics and officers arrived.

Police found a gun next to Lackey and aren’t sure if it belonged to him or the assailant.

The shooter was described as a Hispanic man with a clean-shaven face who was wearing a red track suit, according to witnesses.

Police released photos of a red-and-white sedan they believe the suspect was driving and of a woman who was with him who is wanted for questioning.

… Tyler had just completed a five-and-a-half-year stint in the Army as a paratrooper medic in the 82nd Airborne Division.

‘He worked in a field surgical unit during his tour in Afghanistan.

‘He was honorably discharged in November of 2015,’ Frank said.

This is a terrible crime. We can only hope and prayer that the perpetrator is found and brought to justice.

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