This NFL Star Witnessed A U.S. Soldier Being Disrespected – IMMEDIATELY Took Action!

This NFL Star Witnessed A U.S. Soldier Being Disrespected – IMMEDIATELY Took Action!

This is simply awesome! I have always liked Seattle Seahawk quarterback, Russell Wilson…. now I like him even more. He’s a proud and outspoken Christian and lives it on and off the field. This is just another example of that. On an Alaskan Airlines flight, when Wilson saw a soldier board the flight and start to make his way back to Coach, he jumped into action and made sure that the vet got upgraded to First Class. What a sign of respect and what an incredible thing to do! Go Seahawks!!


From III Percenter Nation:

Seattle Seahawk quarterback, Russell Wilson, is known for being a class act on and off the field. He is also a very outspoken Christian.

On a recent flight with Alaskan Airlines he spotted a soldier getting on the flight and making his way back to Coach Class. Wilson quickly saw to it that the soldier received an immediate upgrade to First Class!

The soldier was so shocked by what had just happened that he thanked him on Twitter:



Obviously, the soldier was left in shock and speechless over this act of kindness. I would be. The soldier thanked him on Twitter for the world to see. Then Russell Wilson answered him right back thanking him for his service and saying any time. Just epic. Major respect here for Wilson. This is the kind of hero our children need to see and emulate. It cost Wilson a little money and meant the world to that soldier. That’s how it should be.

Russell Wilson Credit: Peter Yang

Russell Wilson
Credit: Peter Yang

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