Bloggingheads TV: Well, I Think We Can Establish That Liberals Really Dislike Me, They Really, Really Dislike Me

Thursday, I had my debut on Bloggingheads with the liberal blogger Bill Scher of Liberal Oasis. I had never met Bill before, though we had had some pleasant exchanges on Twitter.

Here’s the link to and our show. I was a little nervous and was short on prep time. There is no question I need better lighting in my office. Overall, though, it went okay.

The libs (which looks like the main audience on this site) did not like me talking about average Americans. That seemed to rile them more than anything–as if Beltway libs aren’t Americans. Of course the Bubble Boys and Girls in DC are Americans. I don’t think, though, they have an understanding for what makes sense to those living in the heartland. And that was my point.

While liberals like all the parts and pieces of this huge health care bill, most people are thinking about jobs. If I had a job, an unemployed worker thinks, all this health care talk would be moot. An average person also doesn’t believe that the federal government makes anything cheaper.

So while people tighten their belts, the Federal government is expanding with health care?

That’s the meta message that Americans reject and the liberals just can’t seem to get through their pointy heads. It has ceased to be about policy because the overall principle defies common sense.

Anyway, my musings on this topic were like provoking a caged bull. The Democrats are at each others throats, as Bill rightly noted, which is why they can’t come up with a cohesive message. Oh, the message has gotten through loud and clear. The American people reject it soundly.

So, the comments reflect that impotent rage. And, they just don’t like an unapologetic conservative-libertarian.

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