A 10 Item CPAC 2014 Survival Guide

1) We all know this is a political conference and you don’t need your pants to show it!


2) Do wear comfortable shoes. Remember that you will be doing a significant amount of walking blisters are not fun.

3) Heels are a not comfortable when your running around period.


4) Don’t wear jeans and a t-shirt. I’m sorry, but this is not your living room.

5) Don’t be that hungover guy hiding the beer behind his back. It’s not a pretty picture.


6) Don’t be that girl that looks like she may have a butt cheek pop out! That does not mean you have to look like you’re going to church, but please, nobody wants to see your butt pop out when you sit down.

7) Nothing irritates me more than seeing someone yell at a volunteer. I came across someone yelling because a volunteer in the hub did not know how to tell him how to get to the media check-in. The volunteers do not get to see the speakers or experience CPAC. They spend the entire conference helping CPAC run smoothly. Show a little compassion.

8) The parties can be great places to network. If you have the choice between sleeping and going to a party, go to the party. You can sleep when the conference is over.

9) There is no such thing as a free lunch except at CPAC. There are tons of events that include free lunch and if you are paying for lunch then you’re doing something wrong.

10) We all know which speakers are big and which ones are going to have a half empty room. If you want to see a big speaker, go early or you may not even get a seat.

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