A Test: Do Women Actually Pay Attention To A Man’s Watch?

In the age of cell phones, watches are more of a fashion accessory than anything else. Furthermore, if you actually take a look at a wide selection of watches, you’ll find that a $25 watch looks like a $50 watch looks like a $500 watch looks like a $5000 watch. So, if a watch is mainly a fashion accessory and watches look roughly the same no matter what they cost, then you have to wonder if it makes sense to spend any money on a watch. Plus, after a conversation I had with a female friend, I was curious as to how detail oriented women are compared to men. Personally, I don’t pay any attention to jewelry other than wedding/engagement rings on women; so I wouldn’t notice if a man or a woman were even wearing a watch. But, would women? So, I devised a little test involving the name of the most famous watch out there: Rolex. So, here’s what I tweeted out….

Question for women: If you had a 5 minute conversation w/a man you just met & he was wearing a Rolex, would you notice?

Just for the record, I wouldn’t buy a Rolex, even if I were as rich as Bill Gates. It’s just not something that interests me. Still, if there’s any watch a woman would notice a man wearing, it would have to be a Rolex. But, would they notice? Here’s what women said….

@Ambrcat: Does the rolex hold the conv or the guy? I don’t care unless he makes it an issue, if so, I bolt.

@Beeclef: Rolex? Definitely wouldn’t notice. WOULD notice if he was overdressed or put on airs though. Definite turnoff.

@cheryljwhite: I’m pretty oblivious. I don’t notice things like that. But that’s probably because money doesn’t impress me.

@catethegreat174: If there is one thing a man should spend money on (other than a tailored suit), it’s a great watch.

@LJLeg: No, unless it was one that had a lot of diamonds on it. That would be unusual enough to notice.

@ktmae1229 No. MT @johnhawkinsrwn: Q for women: If you had a 5min conversation w/a man you just met & he was wearing a Rolex, would you notice?

@jd_nyc The more interesting he is, the less likely I am to notice; if boring/annoying, I look for distractions.

@SnellvilleBlog: RE Rolex, I would notice he had a watch on, & if I noticed it was Rolex, I would assume he got scammed. lol

@ORlibertygal: Yes but I’d also notice if it was a Timex. I notice details.

@bluedevilmsn: I would notice he was wearing a Rolex, but really wouldn’t care. As long as it keeps time, he can wear a Mickey Mouse watch!

@KarolNYC: Probably but it’s a very common watch in NYC. I’d be more likely to notice a different type of watch.

@j_waite: Nope.

@duchessrebecca: Yep. We learn early to check out a man’s watch and shoes.

@Stacy_Drake: No RT @johnhawkinsrwn Question for women: If you had a 5 minute conversation w/a man you just met & he was wearing a Rolex would you notice?

@Mommentator: Never. My father in law has one and I didn’t know for 10 years.

@agentbedhead: Yes, I’d notice. And ask what pawn shop he frequented before our meeting.

Total Count? 7 Yes, 7 No, 2 Indeterminate.

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