RWN’s New Comment System Is In Place

I expected to have RWN’s comment section changed over to Disqus last week-end, but best laid plans of mice and men and all that. In any case, the changeover is now complete.

Disqus is: :  completely different from:  the:  in-house/word press hybrid that RWN was using up until yesterday. That means your old RWN login will no longer work. On the other hand, there are a lot of alternative ways to login to Disqus. You can create a new ID via Disqus or Open ID or you can use Twitter, Yahoo, or Facebook. Theoretically, this should encourage a lot more participation in the comments section. We’ll see how it works out in practice.

So, try out the new comment system and let me know what you think!

Update #1:I thought about this and I tell you what I am going to do: since we have a new comment system, it’s going to be treated like a new day. All previously banned commenters can post again legitimately. So, feel free to shelve all the “You’re really commenter X who was banned” stuff. At the moment, nobody is banned.

Of course, that won’t last forever. There will be people banned. They’ll be the people who break the rules and who make intolerable asses of themselves. Here are the rules:

Are There Any Rules About Posting Comments?: Yes, please don’t flame excessively, use an exceptional amount of vulgar language, call anyone a “towelhead,” “raghead,” or “wetback,” continually post off topic material, spam, use racial or gay slurs, libel anyone, troll, make threats, or challenge anyone to fight.

In short, don’t be a jerk.

If that won’t work for you, I’ll delete your posts and ban your IP. If you are banned and genuinely don’t know why, email me. If you know you were doing something mentioned above and you are banned, please don’t try to get around the ban. Do everybody involved a favor and find somewhere else to post where they appreciate what you have to say.

Stick to the rules. Show “this much” consideration for people who disagree with you and you’ll see the comment section at RWN take off again.

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