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  1. Donkey
    Donkey 22 August, 2015, 01:29

    Obama should of been impeached years ago.

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  2. hermnater
    hermnater 9 September, 2015, 19:41

    God bless America!

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  3. Dj
    Dj 26 March, 2016, 17:41

    Is right wing news interested in a story? It involves a medical center failing to inform and treat a patient that he has a disease with no cure for six years. Tried to inform the senator and house rep in his area and local news and nothing. Their is a saying you do not bite the hand that feeds you. Because of their negligence he has a lot if medical problems which is very expensive.

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    • Mr Peabody
      Mr Peabody 25 December, 2016, 09:11

      Fuck the REICH -WING! Your idea of Liberty is to trun the USA into another NAZI GERMANY!

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      • Kw
        Kw 25 January, 2017, 21:57

        Peabody, you have to stop watching network news and CNN. They are making you nuts. This will be the best pres since Reagan and prob even better for America. We have been going down the tubes. We cannot support the world. A business man who knows how to run things is the only one who can save us. You WILL personally benefit, if you work for a living.

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  4. Hardtruths
    Hardtruths 5 February, 2017, 12:25

    Trump is last call for democracy. If he does not prevail the US wilh go down, like pre-Hitler Germany and a totalitarian regime of the left or right will take over and destroy the US.

    I believe Trump wilh prevail because more Americans see daily the left is antidemocratic.

    The left is a messianic religion without formal god but with a “prophet”, Karl Marx, who in his “holy books” “reveals” the way to the “promised land of milk and honey”. Total madness but seductive to the left.

    This is why they want to destroy democracy. Common sense based Anglo-Saxon. (I am not Anglo-Saxon) democracy stand in the way. This is why, for the moment, the jihadists are the left’s allies.

    The left will go the way of the Berlin Wall and the Communist Soviet Uoion. I still remember the mass demonstrations against Reagan when he put a stop to the Soviet’s agenda, just like Trump is doing with the liberal-globalist agenda.

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  5. TooGoodToots
    TooGoodToots 26 March, 2017, 23:22

    I’m sure that at least 50% of Americans are unhappy with President Trump who will be scaling back on all the “entitlements” they have enjoyed for the last 8 years under Obama. The entitlements have cost hard working tax payers plenty. The tax payers are picking up the tab for the illegal immigrants who qualify for everything — so long as they register to vote. The Democrats want power. They don’t care about being right; what they care about is “power.” The democrats are going to vote down any legislation and Supreme Court nominees, so they can wag their finger in our President’s face. They will filibuster. They will go to the ends of the earth to bring the United States down. Some dems say our Constitution is outdated and disrespect it and our Flag too. Obama has done everything he can to make the Muslims “feel at home” here, and screw our Culture.

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