Celebrities Who Certainly Won’t Sign Up For Obamacare Pimp Obamacare

The other day I had a brief Twitter discussion pointing out that Magic Johnson was able to get health care for his HIV without Obamacare, that he wasn’t dropped, and that the person who pimped Magic Johnson pushing Obamacare, Valerie Jarret, isn’t getting her health insurance through the Exchange. Nor is Magic

(CNBC) Jennifer Hudson was able to win an Oscar–but can she win over young adults for Obamacare?

Obamacare advocates on Thursday set off a social media blitz to push young adults to sign up for insurance under the Affordable Care Act, using celebrities, humorous skits and social media platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Vine to spread the word.

A six-hour-long, live-streamed variety show event and blogathon at www.tellafriendgetcovered.com is the centerpiece of the youth-oriented campaign, which comes days after Obamacare enrollment data showed a big gap between the sign-up rate for young adults and the target set by federal officials.


The federal agency that runs HealthCare.gov, the ACA exchange serving 36 states, on Thursday launched a campaign featuring two separate ads by retired basketball superstars Magic Johnson and Alonzo Mourning. The ads will air nationally on ABC, ESPN, TNT and NBAtv during NBA games as well as in local markets with large numbers of uninsured people.


Washington state’s Obamacare exchange on Wednesday announced a partnership with concert promoter Live Nation to do outreach efforts to young adults at concerts like that the Sasqautch! Music Festival there next month as well as online platforms including a Facebook sweepstakes, and through traditional media.

This is all meant to get the “young adults”, folks 18-34, to purchase insurance through the Exchanges, as well as be supporters and advocates for O-care. You know, a law that mandates that citizens obtain health insurance. Funny how Team Obama and all the little Progressive groups have to spend so much time pimping a law that they said everyone would love more and more after it was passed, eh?

Let’s not forget, none of the stars pimping O-care are actually going to purchase insurance through the Exchanges, and they’ll all have the super-highend plans….if they purchase health insurance at all. Lots of folks with serious money do not bother, because they can afford the costs.

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