Failed State Obamacare Exchanges Becoming Money Pits

But, it’s working!

(WSJ) Yesterday we noted the ABC/Washington Post poll showing Mr. Obama with the lowest marks of his presidency, just two weeks after he claimed success in rolling out insurance policies under the Affordable Care Act. “This thing is working,” President Obama said of the law on April 17.

Now the latest edition of the WSJ/NBC poll suggests just how few Americans agree with that statement. A mere 8% of respondents in the new survey say that the Affordable Care Act “is working well the way it is.

That’s right, 8% say it’s working. I’m not sure what gives them that idea

(Fox News) As the Obama administration touts its latest enrollment numbers for the ObamaCare exchanges, some state networks are grappling with major changes ahead of the next sign-up period — meaning more cost to taxpayers.

The biggest overhaul came out of Oregon, which last week decided to junk its broken health care exchange and turn to the federal government for help.

“Their health exchange has been a disaster,” said Michael Cannon, of the Cato Institute.

“They’re the only state in the country that built their own exchange and couldn’t get it to a level of functionality to sign a single person up,” said Jim Capretta, of the Ethics and Public Policy Center.

But Oregon isn’t the only state still struggling, months after the major problems with were addressed.

Systems in Vermont, Massachusetts, Nevada and Maryland continue to have problems.

“The federal government spent about a billion dollars on those five state exchanges, and none of them are very likely to work well ever,” Capretta said. “So that’s a lot of wasted taxpayer money.”

Maryland is expected to spend another $40-50 million dollars transitioning to the same system used in Connecticut. Guess who gets to pay for it? Other states are going to have to spend tens of millions to get their systems working correctly, after spending tens to hundreds of millions initially. All to sign up citizens who mostly lost their insurance thanks to Obamacare in the first place.

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