No, Liberals, We’re Not Going To Help You “Fix” Obamacare.

Democrats promised the American people that Obamacare would be the most fantastic thing in American history. It would be like the Louisiana Purchase combined with the moonwalk and the invention of the Internet — except much, much better.


They said that if you like your plan, you can keep it. They said if you like your doctor, you can keep him. They said it would lead to a 2500 dollar cut in the cost on insurance. They said it would make medical care better, cover everyone, and generally improve our health care system in every way with no negative consequences.

Republicans said none of this was so and uniformly opposed the law.

In the end, Democrats passed the law over the objections of the American people who opposed it and without a single Republican vote.

Now finally, the law is starting to go into effect and it turns out the Republicans were right about everything. In fact, the only disaster the GOP didn’t predict before the law passed was how bad the website would be and that was apparently a case of Republicans giving Obama more credit than he deserved for basic competency.

Because Obamacare has been such a complete and utter debacle that can be laid entirely at the feet of the Democrats, the Left is taking a huge beating. Rather than just admitting the truth, which is that Republicans were right and they were wrong, they’re predictably trying to shift the blame.

Why, the problems with Obamacare are actually the fault of Republicans because the GOP is “sabotaging” the law. Why won’t those mean old conservatives work with them to “fix” the law. Where’s that bipartisan spirit?

That’s not going to happen and there are a lot of ways to explain why, but the simplest way is with an analogy.

To Republicans, Obamacare is a little like going to a crack house to get high. There is simply no scenario imaginable where it’s a good idea. Sure, Republicans could drive the Democrats to the crack house, watch their backs, look out for the cops, and call an ambulance if they have a heart attack, but it makes more sense to just steer clear of the crack house. So, yes, the Republican Party could work with the Democrats to try to mitigate some of the many, many flaws in the law that Obama lied about when he was selling the law, but Obamacare will still be fundamentally unworkable when all is said and done.

The best thing for America is not to “fix” the law; it’s to repeal it and replace it with more free market-based solutions like selling insurance across state lines, tort reform, tax credits to individuals instead of businesses, high risk pools, and health care savings accounts. Anything short of that is just putting lipstick on a pig when we should be making it into bacon.

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