Obamacare Is About Morality Or Something

I’d go with the “something”. Here’s the Washington Post’s Colbert King trotting out the “morality” argument

Obamacare – a question of morality

There was a lot of bloviating about the Affordable Care Act on the talk shows last weekend. The Obamacare critics’ chief focus was the open-enrollment fiasco, the un-kept presidential promise and the millions of cancellation notices. Overlaying the palaver was the unrestrained glee of health-reform opponents.

Because incompetence, lying, and seeing millions lose their insurance plans is no big deal or something. There’s bigger things at play!

The same weekend, in a section of our nation’s capital where pompous politicians and self-important opinion-makers seldom venture, the Affordable Care Act was the subject of thanks and praise at the First Baptist Church at Randolph Street and New Hampshire Avenue NW.

Funny how liberals have no problem mixing religion and State when it serves their purposes.

The talk-show criticism and the pulpit defense crystallized the Obamacare debate. Drawn into sharp relief is the struggle taking place in this country between doing what is right and good and an unashamed indulgence in the immorality of indifference.

The issue couldn’t be put more simply.

Forty-nine million Americans do not have health insurance. For many of them, the ability to deal with their illnesses and injuries depends on their ability to pay. Lacking the money, some of them just go without the care they need. Better to put food on the table for the kids than to check out that awful pain in the gut. Can’t afford to do both.

So it’s 49 million now? Interestingly, the CBO predicts that 30 million will still be without health insurance in 2020. The Obama administration’s mid-line prediction is that 90 million will lose their insurance plans, and have to switch. And what are they switching to? Plans with higher premiums and deductibles with smaller medical networks. Seems moral to me.

Gaining access to no-cost preventive services to stay healthy, which Obamacare provides, is not a sign of indifference. Neither is giving senior citizens discounts on their prescription drugs, or allowing young adults to get health insurance on their parents’ plan, or ending insurance company abuses. Those steps represent the caring actions of government.

How about not including the best medical facilities in the network? How about jacking up the cost for young healthies to pay for other? Creating situations for government abuses, like the “death panels”, ie, a group of un-elected bureaucrats at the Independent Payment Advisory Board which will make decisions about your medical care? Most Democrats voted against Medicare Part D in 2003. What happens when Mom and Dad can’t keep their insurance, and are now paying through the nose for their 25 year old “kid”? What about the bulk of Obamacare applicants being moved into Medicaid? How about the morality of mandating that citizens of the USA purchase costly, substandard insurance or be penalized simply for breathing?

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