Obamacare Loses Again: Baptist Ministries Wins Injunction Against Contraception Mandate

Obamacare Loses Again: Baptist Ministries Wins Injunction Against Contraception Mandate

On hundred eighty-seven different ministries filed a class action suit objecting to providing four of twenty different contraceptions approved by the FDA. Two were the morning after and week after pills. They won an injuction:


“This is an overwhelming victory for GuideStone and the nearly 200 plaintiffs in this class-action lawsuit,” said Adele Keim, a lawyer for GuideStone and the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, which helped represent the ministries. “Today’s ruling will allow hundreds of Baptist ministries to continue preaching the Gospel and serving the poor … without laboring under the threat of massive fines.”

The insurance groups must comply with other Obamacare regulations, the ruling states, but the injunction prevents the government from enforcing the mandate as the suit continues, and will help the religious groups avoid massive fines.

Federal Judge Timothy DeGiusti said the ministries have the right to challenge the contraceptive mandate, ruling an injunction was needed to keep the government from forcing the provision on them.

Friday’s ruling came just days after a New York judge ruled that non-exempt religious groups are not bound by the Affordable Care Act’s mandate requiring coverage for contraceptives and other birth control options.

This thing is a train wreck, but then, when is central planning not?

Duane Lester

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