The 10 Worst Quotes From The Democratic Underground For 2003

10): “A war of real information and real issues alone is doomed to fail. The Texas Fascist Party carries elections by drawing the hordes of stupid white men who are itching to ‘get even’ for decades of imagined slights. Arguing issues with these people is pointless.

These people are not interested in issues, social justice, or even the fact that the US government will go bankrupt in a decade. All they want is to get back at welfare mothers, blacks, Arabs, immigrants, liberals, feminists, and intellectuals for shrinking their paychecks and threatening their masculinity. They are a nation of psychopaths created and sustained by right-wing hatred and are utterly beyond the limits of reason.

The way to approach this vital segment of the electorate is not with issues but rather with propaganda. Speak to their hatred and direct it not towards the goals of the Texas Fascist Party but rather against them. Make them hate not liberals for raising taxes but rather offshoring that deprives them of their jobs. Make them hate big government which takes from hard working people such as themselves and gives it to the rich. Chanelling hatred, not addressing issues, is the challenge for resistance propagandists.”: –: Resistance Is Futile

9): “Doesn’t a part of you wish that Queasy and Duh-day were alive?

I’ll admit they’re scum and rightfully so, but anything that lands as even more humiliation on W’s grotesque shrivelled face is that much the better.

It’s sad, really, that as despicable as they are, Saddam’s family seems to be the lesser of two evils when you compare them to the wretched little b*stard* occupying the White House and destroying America in the process…”: —thermodynamic

8): “I’m assuming (Michael Kelly’s) family won’t be reading this, but frankly, I’m gratified to learn that he paid the ultimate price for his sins of warmongering. This guy was scum. My first thoughts on seeing the thread were that I hoped it was that scum Post warmongering writer. My second thought was that it was a late April Fool’s joke. But no false sadness from me, only happiness that someone as mean and vicious as Mike Kelly got what was coming. As for all the posts about “coming by his views honestly” and “not speaking ill of the dead”, congratulations on taking the high road guys, but *ssholes like Kelly have to die sometime, and I prefer it is as a direct result of their sins. But what do I know, I’m happy that Reagan has Alzheimers and that * has access to pretzels. I wish death on my enemies, and these guys are enemies.”: –: jackswift: on the death of Michael Kelly in Iraq

7): “well…I guess I’m “supposed” to feel good about (Saddam being captured) Because he is a “brutal dictator” who “killed thousands of his own people.”

But he was also a guy who posed no threat to us. And a guy who managed to keep a hostile area of the world relatively sedate (albeith through brutal tactics). And a guy who was a secular muslim leader instead of a hardcore fundamentalist.

But I think in cold, crass political terms. I think it’s good for Bush so I think it’s bad for me. So I’m not happy, and I don’t care if it’s politically incorrect to say so.”: —Magic Rat

6): “…We know the recall’s about getting a Repub Gov. in office in order to make California easier to steal, or make the 2004 Election at least close ENOUGH to steal our precious Electoral votes. We know it has nothing to do with Gray Davis being crummy, really.

…I think Rove’s got something particularly nasty up his sleeve this time that will change Arnold’s fortunes dramatically. I mean, he’s about to subject himself and Maria to more salient stories about what he calls “getting my helmet polished.” This could be humiliating to him, even before he loses. But what if he “knew” the fix was in?

…My tinfoil hat theory is this:


5): “The capture of Saddam is all fine and good, but does how does this help someone facing a bleak Christmas because they lost their job? How does this help someone with an illness who just lost their insurance coverage? How does this help someone who’s underemployed, working several jobs and struggling to pay the mortgage? It just don’t make me any money.”: –: bushwentawol

4): “..I expect that the A**HOLES and Sons of B****ES at will try to smear us first with stupid EDITED POSTS then insist that the feds arrest all of us as traitors. Typical of a Nazi group. Typical of low-life Fascist and Racist Pigs. They will try to scare us off. These people fear free speech because it tears their mask off. I have ONE MESSAGE for them…

Well, you ba****ds, bring it on. I ain’t afraid of your f***in jails. Bring it on, you worthless bunches of s**t! You saltless wastes of human skin!

Turn me in! Have ME arrested! Go ahead, you idiots! Bug my telephones! Follow me! Spy on me! Track me down through the internet! VIOLATE my constitutional rights! I hate this stupid oil-war fever! NO WAR for BIG OIL AND SUVs! NO WAR! The ROTUS SUCKS! ARREST ME for giving that chimpanzee the “finger!!” THE ROTUS SUCKS!

And so does his useless, worthless,politically motivated war! And so do YOU, you products of a bowel movement! You are a worthless bunch of morons who want to feed us all to the cannons while you (chickenhawks ) sit next to your swimming pools! Have ME arrested for SPEAKING OUT! Bring it on! Turn ME in as a traitor to your Joe McCarthy Homeland Security, you goose-stepping, “HEIL HITLER” fools!

I hereby challenge you!

I GUARANTEE that you a**holes will regret the day you were born if you mess with this black woman.

Steal and PRINT THIS POST, if you dare!

(Forgive me Lord–this really made me mad!)”: –: brensgrrl

3): “When the 2nd plane hit the WTC I remember thinking……OMG, he’s got his war now. Then, the next day or the day after that, when the roar of “war with Iraq and Afganistan” really got going I couldn’t help but think “well Bush II get’s to finish Daddy’s work now”. As for when the plane hit the Pentagon and the other plane went down in that field in Penn I screamed at the TV, “Get the WH, for God’s sake you missed the WH.” I invented some cuss words on that one. There were times before 9/11 as well as in the days to follow that the boy king mentioned Saddam “tried to kill my Dad” and couldn’t help but scream at the TV each time, “Well, give him a medal for effort anyway.”: –: LiberalLibra

2): “What we MUST realize in order to win – Americans are stupid and uninformed. This is very important because in order to win we must understand the way the average American thinks. I’m afraid WE have nothing in common with them.

I came to the two following conclusions when I saw the large number of people who voted for Bush back in 2000.

#1 – I would dare to assume that most of us here are in the upper 1%-20% of the population intelligence-wise. We must come to the realization that the majority of the population is in the lower 80% to 99% percent of the bell-curve. WE are not the norm. The Republicans understand that the average American is not very bright. They cater and pander to the masses. The Democratic Party tries to appeal to the population about “issues” that these people just don’t understand.

I’ve heard it said that the reason that Clinton’s sex scandal resonated so strongly among “the people” was because it was a scandal that the average American understood. The average person can’t understand a financial scandal.

In addition, people of average or lower intelligence tend to not be as logical or reasoned as those of higher intelligence – they deal with emotion. Therefore they are more likely to get riled up about someone burning a flag rather than a illogical tax cut.

#2 – The majority of people do not read the newspaper OR listen to the news, CNN, etc. Therefore -they get their news from the Tonight Show, Letterman, Oprah and Saturday Night Live. Or, they get their news from talking to their co-workers at the water cooler.

Also, for the few people who DO listen to the news – who do they hear it from? Fox News and Bill O’Reilly are the most popular. Most newspapers and media outlets are owned by Republicans.

THIS is what we are fighting against people. In order to win we will need to start pandering to the masses.”: –: Janekat

1): “I realize that not every GI Joe was 100peeercent behind Prseeedent Booosh going into this war; but I do know that that is what an overwhelming number of them and their famlies screamed in the face of protesters who were trying to protect these kids. Well, there is more than one way to be “dead” for your country. They are not only not accompishing squat in Iraq, they are doing crap nothing for the safety, defense of the US of A over there directly. But “indirectly” they are doing a lot.

The only way to get rid of this slime bag WASP-Mafia, oil barron ridden cartel of a government, this assault on Americans and anything one could laughingly call “a democracy”, relies heavily on what a sh*t hole Iraq turns into. They need to die so that we can be free. Soldiers usually did that directly–i.e., fight those invading and harming a country. This time they need to die in defense of a lie from a lying adminstration to show these ignorant, dumb Americans that Bush is incompetent. They need to die so that Americans get rid of this deadly scum. It is obscene, Barbie Bush, how other sons (of much nobler blood) have to die to save us from your Rosemary’s Baby spawn and his ungodly cohorts.”: —Starpass

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