Black Thug Targeted White Woman in Racist Attacks; Media Stays Silent

Black Thug Targeted White Woman in Racist Attacks; Media Stays Silent

Deborah Memmolo was attacked by a man who hit her in the head with a bottle in a bag, then called a “white b*tch” as the man fled the scene of the crime. That man, Kari Bazemore, has attacked numerous women with the same racist agenda and was finally caught. You’re just reading about this now, but why was the media mostly silent about it?

kari bazemoreWhen Bazemore had attacked her in November, she had daringly chased him down and snapped a quick photo of her attacker. It is because of these women that Bazemore has finally been caught and taken off of the streets.

Since this attack, which is clearly racially motivated, is not a “white on black” crime, the mainstream media refuses to run the story to the masses. It doesn’t fit the agenda of sparking outrage from groups like #BlackLivesMatter. There are no white people rioting or burning down Little Caeser’s in Ferguson. There’s no white people faking hunger strikes like Jonathan Butler at #Mizzou with their #ConcernedStudent1950.

A black person attacking a white person is bad for ratings, but it’s irresponsible for the media to leave Bazemore’s crime in the closet.

It’s fine that your media outlet wants ratings, but said outlet should still report similar crimes if not for ratings, but for the safety and awareness of the public. It’s about the ratings, but also about placing a bad person in prison regardless of their color or religion. The people who give media outlets such great ratings also deserve accurate reporting.

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