White Teacher Wins Reverse Discrimination Lawsuit

If a white principal was found to have discriminated against a black teacher, what’s the likelihood that they would be able to keep their job? Principal of Largo High School Angelique Simpson-Marcus, who is black, has kept her job after teacher Jon Everhart, who is white, successfully sued the Prince George County school board because Simpson-Marcus discriminated against him.


Jon Everhart, a 65-year old teacher, has won his reverse discrimination suit against the Prince George’s County school board, located in Maryland. Everhart sued on the basis of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act due to his treatment at the hands of Principal Angelique Simpson-Marcus.

Everhart, who is white, testified that Simpson-Marcus, who is black, subjected him to years of racial harassment. A decorated teacher who also won teacher of the year in the past, Everhart worked at Largo High School since 2003. In 2007, Simpson-Marcus became principal. That’s when life, and his career, changed for Everhart.

He contended that the principal, who was previously a physical education teacher, made statements to students that ‘the only way a white person would work in Prince George County is if they couldn’t get a job anywhere else.” According to Everhart, the principal also berated him, ‘poor white trash’ and ‘white b**ch.’ In addition, Everhart went to receiving outstanding teacher performance reviews to poor ones.

Previously, Everhart taught honors junior and senior English where he was popular with his students. Once Simpson-Marcus became principal, she moved him to freshman English, and is said to have told students she was going to fire him.

Not only did Everhart end up terminated from his position, his teaching certificate was also revoked.

While the principal denies any such events took place, the jury decided in favor of Everhart and awarded him $350,000 for the health conditions he developed as a result of his treatment by the principal. A judge will determine how much in back pay and benefits Everhart will receive.

This is not the first nor the only time that Marcus-Simpson has been accused of discrimination. According to the Washington Post, a total of 16 former employees have filed lawsuits centered around mistreatment by Principal Simpson-Marcus, including one black teacher who says he was denied a promotion because his skin was too light. Other teachers claim they were fired for supporting Everhart.

Can we just start out by saying there’s no such thing as “reverse” discrimination? Discrimination is discrimination, just like racism is racism — there’s nothing “reverse” about a black person discriminating against a white person. And now that a jury has agreed with Everhart and found that Simpson-Marcus did, in fact, discriminate against Everhart, the only question left is this: why does she still have a job?

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