Brits Give Million Dollar Pay Off to Terrorist Who Planned Attacks on USA

A terrorist in England received a big, million dollar pay off from the British government when he sued the state for having a hand in his rendition and imprisonment in America’s Guantanamo Bay terrorist detention facility. But now it has come to light that this guy did, indeed, help plan attacks on the USA and was a jihadi despite his claims to the contrary.

According to The Daily Mail:

Taxpayers paid :£1million to a suspected terrorist accused of going to al-Qaeda training camps and planning attacks on American and Jewish targets.

Feroz Abbasi was one of 16 men held at Guantanamo Bay who were paid a total of :£20million compensation by the UK to settle claims of complicity in their rendition and detention.

U.S. forces captured the 34-year-old from Croydon, South London, in Afghanistan and held him in a series of secret prisons until finally releasing him from Guantanamo in 2005.

It has now emerged that an al-Qaeda ‘supergrass’* told officials in 2004 that Abbasi had been helped travel to Afghanistan by extremist cleric Abu Hamza ‘to receive jihad training’.

The revelations, contained in documents relating to Hamza’s trial in the U.S., have prompted questions over the decision to pay compensation to Abbasi when there were claims he was at the heart of an Islamic terrorist group.

Despite that there is ample proof that this Feroz Abbasi is a jihadi, the Brits paid him off anyway.

Britisher Robin Simcox, an al-Qaeda expert at the Henry Jackson Society, said, “there was never an admittance of liability that the security services had done anything wrong. In Feroz Abbasi’s case, the facts have always pointed towards his involvement with dangerous, extremist causes, which makes his payout all the more troubling.”

This is yet another example of the west throwing away its own morally righteous position as standing against Islamist terrorists and caving in to their demands. Folks, modernity and civilization is losing to these monsters.

*”Supergrass” is the term the Brits use to denote an informer.

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