Muslim Husband Stands Trial in Buffalo for Wife’s Beheading

The trial is now underway in Buffalo, New York for the Muslim television station executive who beheaded his wife in 2009, 6 days after she filed for divorce.

There are multiple ironies in this case: The defendant/husband Muzzalim “Mo” Hassan, was CEO of a Muslim television network which was founded to show American viewers how “peaceful” and rational the religion of Islam is.

Despite being a devout Muslim all his life, Hassan denies this was an “honor killing” under Muslim shariah law. He claims HE is the victim.

Despite the fact that Hassan is more than 6 feet tall with a big build, he claims he beheaded his wife because he was an “abused spouse.”

Hassan has hired and fired at least three defense teams. He is seen on videotape at a Walmart buying knives just before the murder, and is seen again on videotape at the television station sneaking up to his estranged wife and stabbing her.

The trial will be very graphic: Hassan stabbed his wife more than 40 times before cutting off her head. The attack took only 47 seconds.:  It’s believed she was still conscious as her head was cut off.

The defense attorney for Hassan is clearly hoping the jury and judge will not know, understand or believe the concept of Islamic “honor killing” under “shariah law” of the Koran, which is what this clearly is.

Doug Hagmann of the Canadian Free Press wrote about the honor killing aspect of the Buffalo murder in 2009:

“…..Mr. Hassan told police that because she was beheaded, she would not be permitted entry into paradise, an alleged reference to his Islamic beliefs. “It was all about honor, and the dishonor she [the victim] was bringing upon him and his family,” stated this source. “There was definitely a cultural if not a religious aspect to these incidents,” added this source.

“There were numerous calls to police, many made by the victim, some on behalf of the victim, because of domestic violence. There were indications of physical abuse. Each time, the victim refused to file charges against her husband,” stated this source. This source added that the alleged murderer, Mr. Hassan, was very concerned about his standing in the Islamic community, and would reportedly tell his wife that she “had no authority to divorce him,” an apparent reference to Sharia (Islamic) law.

“I’m afraid the true story of the life and death of this poor woman will not be made public,” added this source. “Perhaps if more women who are in this situation in America would only look at this incident closely, as an example of what could happen, maybe they could prevent it from happening to them,” he concluded.”

opening statements Tuesday.

View photos and review Tuesday’s live blog from inside the courtroom.

Visit Live for Wednesday’s live coverage.

See The News’ complete coverage of the Hassan case here.

Addition coverage by radio station WBEN:

Read the first day of trial testimony: from:  Buffalo News. [ warning: graphic ]

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