BOOM! Donald Trump Tweets This During State of the Union… Obama Furious

BOOM! Donald Trump Tweets This During State of the Union… Obama Furious

Obama lied his head off again in his final SOTU last night. He was joined by a disgraceful response by Nikki Haley afterwards that took direct aim at Donald Trump. But the joke is on the Progressives on both sides of the aisle. All you have to do is look at the polls and that is exactly what Trump pointed out on Twitter during the uber boring bloviation by Obama last night. Heading into the early primary contests, Donald Trump continues to hold a double digit lead over the rest of the Republican field nationally. Thirty-six percent of Republican primary voters support Trump, 17 points ahead of his closest rival, Texas Senator Ted Cruz (19 percent). Florida Senator Marco Rubio has now climbed to third place at 12 percent. Ben Carson — who briefly surged to the top of the field at the end of October — is tied with former Florida Governor Jeb Bush at 6 percent. Trump certainly has reason to celebrate – he is smoking the Republican field.

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From the Independent Journal:

During President Obama’s State of the Union address on Tuesday, Donald Trump had just one thing on his mind: The latest 2016 poll, which showed him on top nationwide.

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Per CBS, Trump voters are firmer in their support for their candidate than are Republican primary voters who are voting for someone else. While 52 percent of Trump voters say their mind is made up, this is true of just 24 percent of Republican primary voters who support another candidate. Trump is the second choice of many Republican primary voters who don’t support him. Eighteen percent of Republican primary voters who are not supporting Trump pick him as their top second choice, and 17 percent choose Marco Rubio. Trump voters overwhelmingly choose Ted Cruz (31 percent) as their top second choice candidate. Enthusiasm for both Donald Trump and Ted Cruz has grown considerably since December. Now 40 percent of Republican primary voters say they would enthusiastically support Trump if he became the Republican nominee, up from 29 percent in December. Similarly, 37 percent say they would enthusiastically support Ted Cruz, up from 26 percent at the end of last year. Enthusiasm for Marco Rubio (32 percent) remains virtually unchanged. If a Trump/Cruz ticket emerges, there will be a historic landslide victory for the Republicans. If it is rigged, you can kiss the GOP goodbye as they will go the way of the Whigs.

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