“How Donald Trump Is Like Liberace”

That’s the actual headline by Daily Beast writer Ciro Scott. Is this piece big news? A deep reflection of the man? No and no. But, it did catch my attention and amuse me

Send the illegal immigrants home. Bar the door to Muslims. Kill the media.

Mucho macho Donald Trump loves to talk tough. Real tough for a guy who deferred his way out of serving his country in the Vietnam War and then made shameful comments about a real American hero, John McCain.

But the truth is the shoot-from-the-puckered-lip billionaire is kind of a girly man, popping his pampered pompadour into angry rallies on his private jet.

Weird dyed hair. Fake white teeth. Heavy faux-tan makeup. A phobia about touching other human hands. Catty comments about women celebrities. Turning bitchy at the least perceived slight. Anal about everything. A bromance with Russian action hero Vladimir Putin.

The guy who gives so many white men a political erection and thrills the thongs off so many white women is a diva in gray flannels.

I’m not going to defend Trump nor agree with Mr. Scott. I really don’t care one way or the other when it comes to Trump. I prefer Cruz first, Rubio second, and Bush 3rd (believe it or not). I do have to wonder how many of the younger folks reading the article are going “who the hell is Liberace?” It’s kinda like talking about Elvis. Even someone of my generation really only has brief memories of him performing. I remember seeing him on TV as someone my grandparents watched, and might pop up on the new or entertainment the parents would watch. Here’s a shot of him I found

Would an outfit like that increase or decrease Trump’s polling?

American males who have been shouted down and silenced by oppressive political correctness have found a hero who is unafraid and unfettered. Someone who can say what they can’t.

I know this is meant to be a dig at Trump and those “American males”, however, this is a primary reason for Trump’s popularity. He’s not afraid to Say Things, things other politicians won’t. He refuses to cower to Democrats and the media, much like so many Republicans. There’s gotta be a reason Trump stays on top even after saying things that would kill other Republicans. Heck, how to account for him having a plan to build a wall, but also to provide amnesty for illegals?

American women of a certain breeding—the sort who used to mob Liberace—love Donald’s celebrity; his delicious digs at Rosie O’Donnell, Heidi Klum, and Megyn Kelly; his tasteless opulence; his girlish opinions on beauty contests and TV romances. Presidential politics is much easier to tune into when it is a flamboyant, drama-a-minute reality show.

True. Let’s remember all the fainting women, and a few men, at Obama rallies in 2008. Let’s remember the grandiose campaign rallies, with all the pomp. Let’s remember the snit fits, like “can I just eat my waffles, guys?” Let’s remember the Greek columns during his acceptance of the Democratic nomination.

The article ends thusly, and the rest should be read, because, despite the comparison to Liberace, it takes a few shots around the horn of candidates

The depressing choice for America could turn out to be: big-mouth girly man or a fast-and-loose-with-the-truth manly girl in the White House.

Yes, that last one is Hillary.

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