Republicans In DC Need To Learn Politics Is Like Boxing

One of the worst things about the Republican Party in DC is how utterly and thoroughly cowed they are by the press. They’re defensive, passive, quick to criticize their own side and far too willing to forgive egregious mistakes by the Democrats.


Because if they go on the attack, the Democrats will fight back and the media will agree with the Left, Jon Stewart will make fun of them, Saturday Night Live will do a skit, toadies like David Frum, Joe Scarborough and Megan McCain will whine and their knees will buckle.

What they apparently don’t understand is that politics is like boxing; It doesn’t matter how good your defense is, you’ll never win a fight unless you hit the other guy. Moreover, the boxer who wins is likely to be the one who stays on offense and hits the other guy A LOT.

That doesn’t mean you have to be a loudmouth, make crazy assertions or be offensive. But, that does mean the GOP needs to stop expecting that anyone is ever going to give them points for refusing to fight fire with fire.

It didn’t work for George W. Bush.

It didn’t work for John McCain.

It didn’t work for Mitt Romney.

It’s not going to work now.

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