Something Conservatives & Liberals Can Agree On: Let Sarah Palin Speak at the Republican National Convention

Conservatives and liberals disagree on many things like, for example, Sarah Palin.

Liberals have caricatured Sarah Palin as a dumb, rifle-toting, government-slashing, hot Alaskan mama. They’re actually right about all of that except the dumb part.

In addition to that, Sarah Palin is also the most prominent woman in the Republican Party and the finest feminist role model currently walking on terra firma. After all, is there anybody who comes closer to realizing that feminist maxim “You can have it all” than Sarah Palin? She’s a former beauty queen who has a successful marriage and a big family; she worked her way up to governor of Alaska, became our VP candidate, was a MVP player in the 2010 elections, and did more to help women get elected during that cycle than anyone else alive, became a TV star, wrote best-selling books, has gotten wealthy, and she’s considered to be a great leader by conservative men across the country. That’s 4-5 successful lifetimes’ worth of work wrapped up in one woman who hasn’t even hit fifty yet.

Getting beyond her almost superhuman resume, Sarah Palin has earned her right to speak at the Republican National Convention. Just the fact that she was the VP selection in 2008 should get her an invite. Furthermore, look at the incredible impact she made in 2010. She endorsed Nikki Haley, Renee Ellmers, Kristi Noem, Susana Martinez, Chris Christie, Sean Duffy, Bob McDonnell, Tim Scott, Rand Paul and Allen West, among others. Say what you want about Palin, but she helped elect some of the biggest up and coming political rock stars in the Republican Party.

She’s also a wildly successful woman who understands how to articulate conservative values, which might be helpful given that the Democrats have falsely claimed that the GOP is waging a “war on women.” Last but not least, Palin is such an electrifying speaker that some Republicans oppose inviting her because they fear she might overshadow Romney and Ryan. Is that really a big concern for the GOP? Having too many charismatic spokesman presenting the Republican message?

That’s why we should hear from Sarah Palin in Tampa. She has earned the opportunity, she would fire up the crowd, she’d help the Republican Party, and even liberals should be happy if the American people get a chance to hear a little more from Sarah Palin. That’s why Mitt Romney and the Republican National Committee should: let Sarah speak: .

This originally appeared on The Huffington Post.

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