My Favorite 50 Movies Of All-Time

50): Pearl Harbor:: A long, semi-interesting love story combined with incredible combat scenes. If they’d cut the love story down to a more manageable size this one might have moved up 20 spots.

49): Falling Down:: Michael Douglas’s character is a complete psycho but you can still relate to what he’s saying and doing. Like the promo says, “An everyday man (nut), at war with the everyday world”

48): The Blues Brothers:: Belushi & Ackroyd on a mission from God. One of the best of the old school comedies.

47): American Pie:: This one time at band camp…

46): Face-Off:: Travolta vs. Cage in a bizarre action movie where the good guy and bad guy switch places.

45): Tremors:: Finally, a movie where the people being chased by monsters act like normal human beings.

44): First Knight:: Connery and Gere do Arthurian legend.

43): Desperado:: The sequel to El Mariachi (which is good as well). An excellent & quite violent action romp.

42): Excalibur:: A gritty, brutish version of Arthurian Legend.

41): The Untouchables:: Costner takes down Capone during prohibition.

40): The Matrix:: Keanu’s best work since ‘Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.’ Everyone has been copying the action sequences from this movie.

39): The Blair Witch Project:: Fantastic movie — once. Never, ever, watch it again or you’ll bored out of your mind.

38): Rambo First Blood:: This is Stallone’s finest work.

37): Chasing Amy:: a funny and romantic with the regular cast of characters you expect in Smith’s movies.

36): Black Hawk Down:: This is almost like a documentary of the “Black Hawk Down” incident in Somalia. After a short into, the whole movie turns into one long battle.

35): Pet Semetary:: King’s best work and a truly creepy movie.

34): Starship Troopers:: Violent and well-written with intriguing characters. I’ve seen this movie a half-dozen times.

33): Monty Python and the Holy Grail:: A comedy classic — although the British humor in this one isn’t for everyone. My parents both literally FELL ASLEEP while watching this.

32): Clash Of The Titans:: The story of Perseus told with lots of cheesy special effects. But the story is entertaining and well put together.

31): Aliens:: The creepy sci-fi movie that spawned imitators, comic books, and video games.

30): Clerks:: Black and white, low budget, and really funny.

29): There’s Something About Mary:: Outrageous and funny. Cameron Diaz and Matt Dillon make the movie.

28): The 5th Element:: One of my all-time favorite sequences is when Willis tells a group of aliens that he’s “coming in to negotiate.” Watch the rest of this sci-fi action movie to see the rest.

27): Caddyshack:: This is an older movie so some of the younger readers of RWN may not have seen it — but they fun. This movie features Bill Murray as well as Chevy Chase and Rodney Dangerfield — when they were still funny.

26): Spider-Man:: A well told story with very likeable characters.

25): Spaceballs:: A hilariously funny Star Wars Parody that I like better than the original movie.

24): The Princess Bride:: A funny, fantasy romp with great characters.

23): Gladiator:: The well told story of a Roman general who becomes a slave and yet is able to take on an emperor.

22): Independence Day:: The US saves the world — AGAIN!! Will Smith leads the charge against the aliens.

21): Swordfish:: If only we had a group of private citizens running around assassinating terrorists — but not robbing banks mind you. Travolta is on in this movie…

20): We Were Soldiers Once And Young:: This powerful and savage movie about Vietnam is the first of 4 movies from Gibson on the list. If this had been a top 60, Gibson would have had 5 movies on the list (Lethal Weapon and Payback would have made it).

19): Highlander:: Immortals running around chopping each others heads off. What’s not to love?

18): Akira:: The grand-daddy of anime movies.

17): Unforgiven:: Eastwood and Freeman give paint a different and less romantic picture of gunfighting than other top-notch Westerns.

16): Kull The Conqueror:: Modern music + Kevin Sorbo + a fun, action-filled fantasy =’s #16 on the list.

15): Marked For Death:: Remember when Segal used to do good movies? I’ve seen these martial arts flick 7 or 8 times.

14): Animal House:: John Belushi’s greatest work. A movie that spawned a seemingly limitless number of imitators.

13): Lord Of The Rings:: A visually impressive fantasy that is actually much better than the book.

12): Signs:: A movie that’s funny, creepy, full of surprises and perfectly paced. The cheesy special effects are the only weakness of the Gibson movie.

11): Patton:: I never get tired of watching that SOB Patton rolling over the Germans in WW2.

10): Tombstone:: The Earp boys vs. the “Cowboys” in my favorite Western.

9): Ninja Scroll:: If you wanted to introduce a friend to anime movies, this is the one you should use. A decent plot plus lots of unique characters makes it interesting.

8): The Crow:: Love never dies & sometimes it comes back from beyond the grave for revenge. I’ve seen this Brandon Lee flick 6 or 7 times now.

7): Fist of the North Star:: If you mixed Akira w/ Ninja Scroll this is what you’d come up with. This is the only anime movie I’ve ever heard of that inspired a real life copy.

6): The One:: This Jet Li movie is like an anime flick come to life. Great action, great music, and an interesting plot make this a movie I never get tired of watching.

5): Conan:: I’ve read 30+ Conan novels and this movie does the character justice. Arnold’s first big movie never gets old for me.

4): Fist Of Legend:: Every fight scene in this movie is just magnificent. This is the best martial arts movie ever made IMO.

3): Army Of Darkness:: Bruce Campbell, humor, cheese, and lots of attitude make this a fantastic movie. This movie is a cult classic for a reason.

2): The Patriot:: Gibson does the American Revolution and does it well. Why hasn’t anyone else from Hollywood’s A-list made a movie like this already?

1): Braveheart:: One man fights to bring freedom to his people

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